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About The University

To be a leader in education, an institution must be founded on two basic principles: keeping the interest of students as its foremost priority and recognizing that knowledge is ever-growing, omnipresent and requires the opening of minds. At Mangalayatan University, we take pride in these two qualities being at the core of our existence.

Mangalayatan (translated as the germinal bed of positive thought) aims to perpetuate a culture of hardwork, embracing change and preparing oneself for the fast-progressing world with the latest skills and the highest level of social and personal values.

Situated 18km from the Yamuna Expressway in Uttar Pradesh, MU was founded in 2006 and has graduated over 3500 students. Nearly 3000 students currently study on its campus. MU’s vision is to give students from all kinds of background a quality educational experience leading to legitimately rewarding career opportunities. In tandem, we ensure that our students acquire a strong sense of community responsibility thanks to the environment they live in, symbolized best by the grand Jain temple on campus. Our nearly 200-strong faculty body consists of several highly qualified and motivated individuals, many of them with advanced degrees (Masters and Doctoral) from the IITs, NITs, top US universities and other high-quality institutions. They champion the adoption of the latest teaching methods and constantly keep themselves updated with the latest technological and industrial advances. With over 900 campus residents, the 70-acre lush green campus of MU sports a vibrant, energetic feel at all times. Each calendar year sees over 50 sports and cultural events, including the annual cultural fest, Atharva. The Student Activity Council ensures a packed extra-curricular calendar replete with Debate competitions, Word wars, Quizzes, Music competitions, One-act plays and a host of exciting avenues for students to express and grow their talent. In addition, some student initiatives like Kadam and Parivartan do stellar work in the nearby village areas in the fields of education, hygiene, health and environmental awareness.

With such exposure and learning, our students are ideally prepared to start their careers on a firm footing. The continuous training they receive on communication skills, general aptitude & awareness as well as focused lessons for competitive exams like GATE, CAT, NET, GRE and TOEFL, CDS, Banking Services and UPSC enables them to choose from a variety of career options, ranging from entrepreneurship and higher studies to jobs in the public and private sectors. Over 70 companies participated in the placement process in 2014 and that number is expected to increase further this year. Over the years, companies such as Bhushan Steel Ltd., Lava International, Infosys, Hume Pipes, HCL, ICICI Lombard, the Indian Armed Forces (Army, Navy and Air Force), HDFC Life, Johnson & Johnson, R Systems, Manhattan Associates, HDFC Bank and several others have been part of our placements. As part of its longer term vision, MU is tying up with several industry leaders in order to make industrial training and exposure a growing part of its core curriculum. An MoU has been signed with JALMA, one of the country’s most modern labs in Biotechnology research, one with SERC (Structural Engineering Research Center) Chennai – a CSIR laboratory, another with the PHD Chamber of Commerce (an MHRD body) and a third with National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC). Via these companies, students get specialized industry exposure and access to high class training programs and facilities.

Another huge addition in the current academic year has been the full-fledged implementation of the Mentorship program for every student at MU. Each student is attached to one faculty member for the full duration of his or her stay at the MU campus. Parents are regularly updated by the mentor, with assistance from the Parents Information System, on every aspect of their ward’s performance and growth in the university. This is a key development born out of our belief that the best way to develop our young students’ career is when the three stakeholders – parents, the institution and industry – work hand in hand to facilitate and monitor the students’ progress

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