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Ph.D. (Biotechnology)


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<li>The doctoral research programme in Biotechnology has been devised to offer a highly academic, knowledge-driven environment that will create scientific talent and innovative minds capable of applying knowledge to benefit society and contribute to its welfare. </li>
<li>The programme helps capacity building for pursuing careers in industry by imparting a wide variety of skills to students. A collaborative inter-disciplinary effort between industry and academia is envisioned wherein manpower will be trained in accordance with the changing needs of industry. </li>
<li>To cater to the above objectives of the program we offer students to either enroll as an internal (minimum 2 years of course completion) or external student (minimum 3 years of course completion). </li>
<li>The PhD coursework starts with 6 months of initial absorption with Institute of Education and Research at MU so as to learn the practices in research methodology. Within this time students are supposed to choose a guide from amongst our expert doctoral faculty, formulate a research protocol. Research within the Department covers a wide and exciting array of activities ranging from quite fundamental&nbsp;research in biology through to the traditional fields and more application oriented biotechnology. Admissions are open twice every year.</li>
<li>At DBT, Mangalayatan University doctoral faculty members are on the lookout for interested, serious, committed and hardworking laureates with post graduate qualification to join their workbench at ongoing and prospective research projects. The doctoral faculty are committed at motivating young brains with their experiences and practices for how to further their walks to becoming successful biotechnocrats of the future.</li>

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