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Extended NCR 33rd Milestone, Aligarh-Mathura Highway, Beswan,
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Uttar Pradesh

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Suvankar Ray

Assistant Professor 2

Flat No 4A, Shri Krishna Appt, S B Gorai Road, Asansol, Paschim Asansol
Mangalayatan University,
Aligarh (U.P), India


Mobile : +91 9639900142
Email : suvankar.ray@mangalayatan.edu.in


8.5 Years

Current Courses Taught

  • Food Production & food & Beverage Service

Research Interests


Teaching Interests

HR, Principles of Management, Hotel Law, Hotel Engineering,Hotel Facility Planning, Communication & PD


  1. Article on “GrowthOf Hotel Is Leading To Growth Of Tourism In Sunderban Region” – published in SPARKLE & SPICE – Vol-08-2007-2008
  2. Article on “Growth Of Terrorism is Leading To Decline of Tourism In Giridih District” – published in SPARKLE & SPICE-Vol-9-2008-2009

Other Achievements

  1. Member of organization committee of India Food Workshop’2009IHM, Pusa.
  2. Member of organization committee of GOURMET NITE’2004
  3. Joint secretary of organization committee of GOURMET NITE’2006
  4. Participated in GURU SHISHYA PARAMPARA-2008 at IHM, PUSA
  5. Attended HACCP certification programmer at IHM, Pusa in 2008.