We are happy to share the Mangalayatan experience with you as you consider admission to The Mangalayatan University.
Extended NCR 33rd Milestone, Aligarh-Mathura Highway, Beswan,
P.O. Box: Aligarh
Uttar Pradesh



Another huge addition in the current academic year has been the full-fledged implementation of the Mentorship program for every student at Mangalayatan University. Each student is attached to one faculty member for the full duration of his or her stay at the Mangalayatan University campus. Parents are regularly updated by the mentor, with assistance from the Parents Information System, on every aspect of their ward’s performance and growth in the university. This is a key development born out of our belief that the best way to develop our young students’ career is when the three stakeholders – parents, the institution and industry – work hand in hand to facilitate and monitor the students’ progress








At Mangalayatan University, we believe that the quality of campus upkeep reflects the quality of education and development provided to students. As a result, no effort is spared in ensuring that the sprawling 70 acres Mangalayatan University campus is kept clean, green and becoming of our lofty educational standards.

Campus Facilities

Catering to a large number of day-scholars, Mangalayatan University runs a fleet of 25 buses for the convenience of its students, faculty and Staff. Students are charged a subsidized transportation fee for this facility. The buses cover several routes in Aligarh, Agra, Mathura, Hathras and Sasni. Outside students typically tend to stay in the hostel. For campus residents, the university runs weekly buses to the nearby cities of Aligarh and Mathura.

Academic Facilities

The University follows a Semester System with Odd Semester from July to December and Even Semester from January to June. There is a Winter Vacation of approximately three weeks in Dec/Jan and a Summer Vacation of approximately 8 weeks in June/July. A special Semester called Summer Semester is conducted during the Summer Vacation for those students who could not appear in the normal Semester End Exams due to attendance shortage.

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