Admission Open 2024-25
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Life At Campus

The management, faculty and staff at University are committed to create a positive environment where a student enjoys and experiences the most memorable moments of campus life. Life at University is not just about work, work and work. In fact, it is about ‘freedom and holistic development that eventually makes every student an evolved individual.

The campus has an eco friendly environment where the sylvan backdrop provides ample fresh air and makes sure that the sights and sounds a student are exposed to be pristine and untainted. This enhances the positive energy and equips him/her with the right mindset to pursue knowledge.

Music and Dramatics Club

Music and Dramatics clubs of University are in place to encourage cultural activities. The Student office bearers are elected and a major cultural event is conducted at the beginning of every academic year.

Quiz And Debate Club

The club aims at evaluating and developing the logical and comprehensive abilities, oratory skills and memory power. The club organizes debates, quiz competitions and paper reading contests to keep the students informed about the latest trends in science, business and technology. Quiz programs are conducted at regular intervals during each academic year for the better awareness of the students.

Associations & Clubs

The University encourages and conducts various extra-curricular activities, which have proved to be a roaring success so far, with active participation of students and overwhelming support of the teachers.

spiritual and philosophical values

Our ethos of reflects throughout one’s stay as every student gets to learn and gets ready for the market. While Mangalayatan University have sessions dedicated to instill spiritual and philosophical values, equal thrust is given to develop life skills, physical fitness, arts and so on. This is the simple reason why a student from Mangalayatan never misses the niceties, which the life has in store for him/her.

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