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15 Most in Demand Engineering Jobs for Future

Today the world needs engineers more than managers and decision-makers. The rapid growth in the engineering field has made the industry more competitive. The salary increase is observed with the high rise in the competition. The research shows the engineering field has reached its peak in terms of growth, but the competition will remain high. Getting the right kind of education will often depend on what kind of career you want to pursue. There are several different types of btech engineering degree course to choose from, but the most common are BSc in Engineering, B.Tech or BE. The engineering industry is one of the most well-paid and rapidly growing industries in the world. The Engineering industry is huge, and there are a huge variety of sub-industries that are a part of it. Civil, Chemical, Electrical and Mechanical & CS engineering course all have a huge number of sub-industries as well as unique challenges that they all need to overcome. In this blog, we are going to learn about the future scope of engineering and the top 15 engineering jobs in Future.

What is the Future Scope of Engineering?

Engineering is a fast-growing field and there are many branches of engineering that are growing by leaps and bounds. There have been engineers throughout history, from the ancient Egyptian and Roman engineers to the engineers who built the great pyramids and cathedrals, bridges, roads, and aqueducts of Europe and Asia. In contemporary society, the engineer is responsible for designing and building products, machines, and systems. Engineers improve the quality of life by developing new and improved products and more efficient methods of producing and distributing goods and services. Engineering is the process of applying scientific knowledge to real-world situations. Technology is changing so rapidly that there are multiple fields of engineering that are being touched by computers. It is no longer limited to just building machines and bridges but the scope has increased to include computers, software, etc. So, the future scope of engineering is quite promising in terms of growth, opportunities and stability. Given the extremely rapid advances in science and technology, engineers need to keep abreast of the latest developments and match them to the demands of society and the needs of the business world. Today, there are several different professions from which you can earn money, but one of the most in-demand professions today is engineering. If you're wondering which are the most in-demand engineering jobs and which ones you should be considering are listed in the next section.

Most in Demand Engineering Jobs for Future

The year has been quite an eventful year for the engineering sector. While in our previous section we have covered the future scope of the engineering profession, now we have come up with the most demanded engineering jobs in Future. Let's explore what the future has in store for you.

15 Most in Demand Engineering Jobs for Future are- Machine Learning

Many say that only Machine Learning will solve many of the world's problems. This is true to some extent. ML is important because it makes predictions and classifications easier and minimizes errors. The study of algorithms that improve themselves over time is known as machine learning. It is an area of computer science that allows machines to understand without being programmed manually. Learning is melded with software, creating an intelligent system that adapts and responds to its environment. One of the biggest ongoing achievements in ML is to beat the best humans in games like Chess, Go and Poker. Also, for instance, Your GPS device or Siri uses machine learning to make decisions and predict your needs. Netflix uses it to predict movies you may want to watch. Google uses it to sort your search results. Researchers have recently developed a machine that can predict the stock market with a very high success rate. These machines can also be used to predict customer behaviour and improve customer experience. Machine learning is already being used in many areas, including web search, fraud detection and so on.

One of its best uses, however, may be in medicine. Machines could one day be used to diagnose patients and recommend treatments that doctors would normally perform. Though there are still limitations, it's only a matter of time before machines outperform humans in every academic and professional task. Some people are concerned about that. But, so long as we continue to apply careful forethought to the design of intelligent systems, we can harness the tremendous potential of Machine Learning to make the world a better place.

Best Career Opportunities in Machine Learning

  • Software Developer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Human-Centred Machine Learning Designer
  • Computational Linguist, etc.

Data Science 

The race to compete against Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Netflix are on. Big Data has become the lifeblood of all companies, as it is the most efficient way to gather insights about consumer behaviour. Big data is the ability to store and manage expanding amount of data and process a high volume of parallel data. Data science is the analysis of that big data. Data Science is extremely important for the future because, in real-time decision making, we need to analyse a huge amount of data and make the decision accordingly. For example, as a decision, if an insurance policy is to be issued to a customer, an insurance company needs to analyse the risk of the customer. Or if a loan is to be granted and based on the credit score of the customer, the loan is approved or not. So, in such an example, a huge amount of data is required for analysing and then taking the decision. Moreover, with the increase of big data and advances in hardware technology, computers are getting better at learning from data and making predictions. Hence, Data science is going to play a very important role in the future of online businesses.

Best Career Opportunities in Data Science

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Mining Engineer
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Data Architect, etc.

Automation & Robotics Engineering

The world has been changing rapidly, and we are always curious to see the next big thing to shape the world and leave an impact in every single field. What is that next big thing? Automation. Everything is being automated. We're not just talking about car automation or home automation, but we are talking about robotics as well. It has already taken over the manufacturing industry, and it's time we take it to the next level. There are some exciting prospects in the future of automation and robotics engineering. Today, it is majorly used in manufacturing, defence, electronics, space exploration and medicine. The development of automation is growing day by day and there is no technology without automation. This technology is continuing to reshape our lives and businesses, making the lives of humans more efficient.

Best Career Opportunities in Automation & Robotics Engineering

  • Robotics Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Electromechanical and Robotics Technician, etc.

Alternative Energy Engineering

Nowadays we are facing the problem of Global Warming. And this poses a real threat to the future of mankind. Alternative energy is the key to overcoming this problem. Alternative Energy is the new technology that is used to meet the energy requirement of mankind. This energy is obtained from non-renewable resources. The energy produced by Alternative Energy is clean and non-polluting. Solar energy, Wind energy, Geothermal energy, Biomass energy and Energy from Tide and Waves are the main sources of alternative energy. It will assist us in meeting our energy needs in a more environmentally friendly manner. Hence, it is the future energy. The development in this field can lead to a wide range of applications and can also generate new industries.

Best Career Opportunities in Alternative Energy Engineering

  • Energy Transition Technical Specialist
  • Renewable Energy Asset Management Officer
  • Wind Turbine Technician
  • Energy Law Associate
  • Energy Analyst, etc.

Project Engineering

Project Engineering is important because project management is considered a challenging and dynamic field. Project Engineering is important for the future because it is a part of Project Management which is the discipline of planning, scheduling and controlling a project or program. Project Management is a set of skills to deliver a high-quality product on time and within budget. A project without a Project Manager is just a job of work. It is the Project Manager who makes sure all the deliverables are met. Being a project manager is a demanding profession and requires constant learning of new technologies and methodologies. A Project Manager is responsible for the coordination and communication within the project team and also with the client. He is responsible for the quality of work delivered in the project. A Project Manager is responsible for the quality of work delivered in the project.

Best Career Opportunities in Project Engineering

  • Construction Project Managers
  • Software Project Managers
  • IT Project Managers
  • Healthcare Project Managers
  • Pharmaceutical Project Managers
  • Consulting Project Managers, etc.

Mining Engineering 

Mining engineering is a branch of engineering and the engineering mineral resource base. Mining engineers are responsible for activities from mining exploration through mine planning, design, and closure after mining operations are completed. Mining engineers have the safety of other workers, the community and the environment in mind because of the work that they do. They have to ensure that the mining operation is following the safety regulations, and the local laws and regulations and are prepared for potential disasters. Mining engineers are in charge of the design, operations and management of the mining activities. Today, there is a growing demand for mining engineers. Mining engineers work in different sectors of the mining industry like mining, oil, gas, and mineral processing companies.

Best Career Opportunities in Mining Engineering 

  • Assistant Mining Engineer
  • Mine Planner
  • Mining Engineering Technicians
  • Deputy Chief Mechanical in Metals & Mining Industry
  • Data Mining Research Engineers
  • Technical Mining Consultant, etc.

Environmental Engineering

The future belongs to the engineer who can solve the problems of this world like famine, water shortage, overpopulation, climate change, shortage of energy, nuclear waste, etc. Today, the population of the world is around seven billion people and growing exponentially. With the rise in population, we are also going to face a shortage of water and food. Therefore, managing the available natural resources is going to be the biggest challenge in the upcoming years. Environmental engineering is one of the most important degrees for the future. The field of environmental engineering has evolved dramatically in recent years. With an environmental engineering degree, it is now possible to study how we can improve the quality of water and air around us. This is a very interdisciplinary field whereby one can get exposure to the science, technology, and management of the environment. There is high demand for environmental engineers. Environmental engineers will focus on the preservation of natural resources. They will develop new technologies to solve urgent green issues, such as climate change, limited natural resources and pollution. They will also focus on protecting human health and well-being. Their work will focus on areas of environmental quality, air quality, water protection, solid waste management, and soil and water conservation. These engineers will find opportunities in the public and private sectors, as well as in the environmental consulting industry.

Best Career Opportunities in Environmental Engineering

  • Environmental Quality Engineer

  • Green Energy and Environmental Remediation Engineer
  • Water Quality and Resources Engineer
  • Environmental Compliance Specialist
  • Water Project Manager
  • Environmental Health and Safety Officer, etc.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is an extremely important engineering field and one that will be booming in the future. First of all, the nature of the industry is that it is constantly changing and developing. Chemical engineers are involved in the development of new and improved chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and materials, and thus are at the forefront of future innovations. Second, the scope of chemical engineering is extremely wide-ranging and is a great way to combine personal interests and future money-making opportunities. Chemical engineering acts as a gateway to sub-fields such as nuclear and biomedical engineering, and also to many other, less-related fields including finance, marketing, project management, and law. Thus, it is a great field to learn to discover and combine new interests and open up doors to other careers.

Best Career Opportunities in Chemical Engineering

  • Chemical Engineer
  • Biotechnologist
  • Colour Technologist
  • Water Treatment Engineer
  • Nuclear Engineer
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Pharmaceutical Engineer Chemical plant and system operator, etc.

Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering is important for the whole country. Industrial engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with planning, designing and analysing manufacturing and services and their processes. It is difficult to define exactly what industrial engineering is. Without industrial engineers, we would have no fuel, because they are the ones that provide the means to extract fuel. We would have no buildings because they are the ones that design buildings. We would have no small, easy to use items such as some electronics because they are the ones that provide the designs. Industrial engineering is important for the future because, without this subject matter, the whole world would end up like the zombie-infested world of The Walking Dead. Industrial engineers can be involved in almost every type of business. They work to improve productivity without increasing costs. They deal with everything from assembling a product or service to delivering it to the customer. They are the people who make sure that the product is good and that it works well.

Best Career Opportunities in Industrial Engineering

  • Industrial Mechanic
  • Industrial Designer
  • Architectural and Engineering Manager
  • Quality Assurance Inspector
  • Manufacturing Technician
  • Manufacturing Production Supervisor, etc.

Marine Engineers and Naval Architects

The work of a modern-day marine engineer and naval architect is extremely vital to the entire maritime industry, which handles millions of tons of goods and people every year, and a good number of these people depend on the work of these professionals. Naval Architects and Marine Engineers are those who work on ships and boats and will have a bright future. There is great demand for their services not only in India but all over the world. These engineers design, plan and oversee the construction of ships and yachts, as well as their maintenance. Soon, marine engineers and naval architects will have a big effect on the shipping industry as they design new ships, improve the existing ones already in use and make sure that the ships are being operated safely and efficiently.

Best Career Opportunities in Marine Engineers and Naval Architects

  • Marine Architects
  • Marine Equipment Engineer
  • Marine Structural Designer
  • Naval Engineer
  • Ships Equipment Engineer, etc.

Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum engineering has been growing in importance for many years. Fuel is needed in many different industries, and without the engineers in the oil industry, our world would stop turning energy. Petroleum engineering is a very challenging and rewarding field. The rising demand for energy and fuel has made petroleum engineering a very lucrative career, and petroleum engineers are becoming some of the highest-paid engineers in the world. Therefore, Petroleum engineering is another field that promises to be among the most in-demand jobs of the 21st century. Many fields are necessary to the success of petroleum engineering, including petroleum geosciences, petroleum engineering, and petroleum engineering.

Best Career Opportunities in Petroleum Engineering

  • Drilling Engineer
  • Production Engineer
  • Chief Petroleum Engineer
  • Offshore Drilling Engineer
  • Reservoir Engineer, etc.

Information Security 

Security is no longer a luxury. We are increasingly dealing with sensitive data, even in the public sector. We’re storing our personal and professional data on devices that are accessible from anywhere. Information security is no longer just about protection from hackers. It’s about protection from identity theft, privacy leaks, and more. Information security plays an increasingly important role in our lives. We have so many electronic devices that contain valuable information that we need to protect. This includes things like Wi-Fi routers, smart devices like our digital assistants, tablets, and computers. If these devices fall into the wrong hands, we run the risk of having our information stolen. With the internet and mobile devices becoming such an important part of our daily lives, we are more vulnerable to hackers than ever before. Information security is just as important as physical security. Information security is the practice of preventing unauthorized access, disclosure, disruption, modification, inspection, recording or destruction of information. Information security involves protecting digital information, which includes hardware, software, storage media, printed materials, data communications, information systems and the people who use them.

Best Career Opportunities in Information Security 

  • Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Malware Analyst
  • Computer Forensics Analyst
  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Security Architect
  • Penetration Tester, etc.

Computer and Information Research Field

The Computer and Information Research field is growing rapidly. It is very important for the future because it is the biggest job creator in the country. It has dramatically shaped the world economy in its present state. It has given rise to numerous industries and has redefined the way the world communicates and conducts businesses. Its expansion has also given rise to technologies that have empowered people and small organizations in unprecedented ways. The Computer and Information Research Field has changed the way people think, interact and entertain themselves. This multi-billion-dollar field is being applied to a broad range of business and public sector problems, and computer systems are used to solve a wide variety of computational problems in science and engineering.

Best Career Opportunities in Computer and Information Research Field

  • Network Administrator
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Software Engineer
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Web Developer
  • Systems Analyst, etc.

Wrapping Up!

As technology evolves so does its need. This makes it crucial for us to stay one step ahead of the game. And for this, we need to be updated about the future of technology and its latest job requirements. It is critical to enrol in a reputable and trustworthy institute to keep abreast of the latest trends and to obtain job opportunities. "Mangalayatan University" is one such institution. The Department of Engineering at Mangalayatan University Aligarh provides a stimulating environment for graduate, postgraduate, and research education. It has highly qualified faculty from prestigious universities and institutes. It has well-equipped laboratories associated with each discipline. The Department is dedicated to fostering excellence and generating knowledge that is current with technological advancements. The Department has the distinction of being the first to implement specific computer-based training techniques geared at improving the employability of its students. It welcomes and boasts an exceptionally rich diversity of postgraduate alumni. Furthermore, students must have practical experience in addition to academic principles to improve their understanding. For this reason, the department is a leader in providing students with job-oriented training in industries. A solid team of self-motivated youthful and active faculty members makes up the department.

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