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Privacy Policy

The main and ultimate aim of the privacy policy of prestigious Mangalayatan University is to duly respect the privacy and individuality of its all academic faculties, students, and other related people and institutions, and preserve the legitimate dignity of each of them forever. This visionary and internationally famous higher education university just seeks to provide ace-quality higher education in various disciplines at all academic levels through dedicated and efficient support of its all teaching faculty departments to students, professionals, and research scholars belonging to India and abroad, without disclosing any single piece of information (trivial or significant) related with any of them to any third person/party ever in future, barring some contingent Governmental or legal ordinances. Hence, every member, student and scholar, and associated institution of Mangalayatan University can rest assured that their personal information given ever to the university is always maintained confidential, and no any piece of information (related with each of them) is ever disclosed or misused by our respectable and responsible university for drawing any institutional, promotional, or any other benefits or advantages.
To meet above-mentioned objectives, every official and member of Mangalayatan University follows strictly certain mandatory rules and regulations. The following are some of the most significant measures taken by our punctilious university for attaining these objectives: —
 All pieces of personal information, documents, emails, short messages, and queries/enquiries sent to the university by any of them, are promptly made inaccessible to any third party or outside person/institution.

 All telephonic and electronic conversations or communications with any member/faculty department of our university are strictly kept confidential.

 All pieces of information and data related with educational and other institutional fees, dispatches of study materials or documents from university, financial transactions, and other institutional processes &dealings,transmitted through use of internet and information technology devices by students and professionals or by our university, are kept reserved and secret by our university.