Master of Arts Course Course Admission

Master of Arts Course Admission 2024

Master's in Arts is a postgraduate level course that students can pursue after graduation. MA courses can be studied in various specialisations, such as literature, history, sociology, political science, philosophy, psychology, economics, etc. The curriculum combines core courses, electives, seminars, and a dissertation or thesis. Core courses provide foundational knowledge in the chosen field. Elective courses allow students to explore specific topics in depth.

MA Course Eligibility Criteria

  • Students with a Bachelor's degree (preferably arts) or its equivalent can pursue the course.
  • The degree should be from a recognized university.
  • A minimum of 50% marks is required for a Bachelor's degree.

MA Course Duration:

Master of Arts course is a two-year postgraduate course with an advanced level of study in various fields within the arts. The specific focus of an MA program can vary widely depending on the institution and the department offering it. The major focus is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of their discipline and develop their skills and creative abilities.

  • Research and writing are core components of MA programs in the arts.
  • MA courses in the arts emphasize critical thinking and analysis.
  • The course often allows students to pursue independent study projects or internships to gain experience and explore specific areas of interest within their discipline.

Mangalayatan University Aligarh Master of Arts Admission Process

Steps to Follow
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MA Admission Fee Structure

Fee Type Year 1 Year 2 Total
Tuition Fee (INR) 25,000 25,000 50,000
Registration Fees One Time (INR) 500 - 500
Total Fees 25,500 25,000 50,500

Job Profiles Scope After Masters of Arts Degree Course :

Master in Arts course offers a wide range of job opportunities for students who pursue the course depending on the specialization they opt for. Some of the profiles included are :

  • Academic Researcher
  • Writer
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Translator etc.
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