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Research & Development Cell

Profile of the Cell:

As a matter of policy, the Mangalayatan University encourages its faculty members to undertake research, innovations and consultancy work at University level and in collaboration with outside agencies. Appropriate Research and consultancy projects, providing much needed services to the industry, also benefit the concerned faculty members and the organization in several ways. Research and consultancy projects provide first-hand knowledge of the current problems of industry. The faculty members also get an opportunity to apply their ideas for finding out the solutions to the problems in emerging areas. Furthermore, the consultancy work also provides incentives for their contributions to all stakeholders.

The Scientific Research Cell of the Mangalayatan University, Aligarh look after all the research activities of the University, starting from project drafting, submission, management, recruitment of research personnel, interactions with the funding agency, innovations, protection of IPR and technology transfer along with monitoring of research activities of the University. Additionally, cell plays a vital role in the initiation of new research, consultancy and innovation initiatives at the University premises.

At the cell, we help foster an ecosystem of sustainable collaborative and interdisciplinary research, innovation and consultancy programmes with industries and renowned academic and research institutions. We work to fulfill the administrative support, offer IPR protection for technologies developed and transferred and organize interdepartmental collaborative workshops, seminars and conferences to open gateways of future sustainable R&D initiatives at the Mangalayatan University.

Roles & Responsibilities of Dean

The Dean will work under the esteemed guidance of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of the University and will perform his duties for the…

Rules and Regulations for Research/Consultancy Projects:

Research Monitoring Committee:

A senior officials monitoring committee will look after the progress of scientific research and consultancy projects in every 6 months wherein the project Investigator will give a ppt presentation on the progress and outcome of the project.

Prof. Dr. Ravi Kant, FRSC (UK), FICS, FLS (UK), MACS (USA) 

Dean, Room No -101, Narmada Block 

Mangalayatan University

Aligarh-Mathura Highway, Beswan, 

Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh  


Telephone No.:+91-8851480173; Ext.320; 


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