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Academic Calendar

Academic Calender

The University follows a Semester System with Odd Semester from July to December and Even Semester from January to June. There is a Winter Vacation of approximately three weeks in Dec/Jan and a Summer Vacation of approximately 8 weeks in June/July. A special Semester called Summer Semester is conducted during the Summer Vacation for those students who could not appear in the normal Semester End Exams due to attendance shortage. These students can attend the Summer Semester and complete the subjects in which they were detained due to shortage of attendance. We have continuous evaluation through the semester with assignments, quiz tests, three in semester exams and an Semester end exam. A student earns the credits assigned to a subject on passing the subject. On an average, there are 25 credits required for completing a semester. On completing the required credits for a semester, the Semester Grade Point Average (GPA) is computed for each student. On completion of more than one semester, the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is calculated for all semesters completed by a student at a given stage of his degree course. The overall grade achieved by a student is reflected as the CGPA achieved by him/her at completion of all semesters of the course.

III Minor Examination

23 November 2015 – 26 November 2015

Major Practical Examination(Pharmacy Only)

24 Nov 2016 – 29 Nov 2016

Last Day of Classes

02 December 2016

Major Theory Examination

03 December 2016 – 19 December 2016

Winter Vacation for Students

20 December 2016 – 11 January 2017

Winter Vacation for Faculty

29 December 2016 to 10 January 2017

Faculty Reporting Date

11 January 2017

Registration and Reporting of Students and Commencement of Even Semester

12 January 2017

I Minor Examination

25 February 2017 – 28 February 2017

Collosseum Sports Fest

17 February 2017 – 18 February 2017

II Minor Examination

13 Apr 2017 – 15 Apr 2017

III Minor Examination

III Minor Examination 02 May 2016-04 May 2016

Major Practical Examinations(Pharmacy Only)

24 Nov 2016 – 29 Nov 2016

Last Day of Classes

02 Dec 2016

Major Theory Examinations

03 Dec 2016 – 19 Dec 2016

Summer Vacation for Students

25 May 2017

Summer Vacation for Faculty

07 Jun 2017

Summer Semester

07 Jun 2017 – 25 Jul 2017**
“*To be announced
** For students detained for lack of attendance for both odd and even semester”

Ref.: MU/RO/Academic Calendar/14-15/ 446 – Dated : 16 May 2016

Circular: The above Academic Calendar for the Session 2016-17, duly approved by the competent authority, is hereby circulated for information & necessary action.