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Campus Facilities


Catering to a large number of day-scholars, Mangalayatan University runs a fleet of 25 buses for the convenience of its students, faculty and Staff. Students are charged a subsidized transportation fee for this facility. The buses cover several routes in Aligarh, Agra, Mathura, Hathras and Sasni. Outside students typically tend to stay in the hostel.


For campus residents, the university runs weekly buses to the nearby cities of Aligarh and Mathura. People availing of this facility enjoy a day out of town, with a comfortable ride back to campus in the evening.


Mangalayatan University places a high premium on the safety, hygiene and punctuality of its transport system. The university takes great pains to ensure these key factors, and has appointed a dedicated Transportation Department to monitor the performance of the service. In addition, Mangalayatan University has a fleet of cars and vans for backup transport.


Home Away from Home for 600 Students

The beautifully constructed students hostel at Mangalayatan University houses more than 600 students. It offers single, double and triple-sharing rooms at varying rates, as per choice and availability. Located right next to the university sports facilities, the hostel is a place of action and festivity on most days. There are fully secured, secluded residential areas for boys and girls.


The hostel has its own housekeeping staff, with an uninterrupted supply of purified drinking water. It has round-the-clock security, with a team of wardens (both male and female) and the proctor staying within the hostel premises. The hostel has separate gymnasium facilities for girls and boys, as well as a common set of Table Tennis for recreation purposes. It is equipped with a dedicated Television Room and lounge. It is also fully wi-fi enabled. One floor of the hostel consists exclusively of amenities, including a basic grocery shop, a saloon and laundry facilities. A dispensary with doctors is available for the students round the clock. An ambulance catering to the students is also available on campus.


One of the most remarkable features of the hostel is its Open- Air Theatre. It is the venue for several formal and informal hostel functions, a key to keeping campus life brimming with energy. The first year boys’ hostel came into existence in 2013, with a capacity of nearly 400, with its own warden and security team. Apart from sharing the residential load, this hostel was established with the acclimatization and security of new students in mind. The hostel has all the requisite facilities, apart from the centralized facilities at Sumangalam that are accessible to first year students.

I was staying in a hostel for the first time, but the caring wardens, homely food and the friendly atmosphere made me feel so much at home.
I was staying in a hostel for the first time, but the caring wardens, homely food and the friendly atmosphere made me feel so much at home.
I was staying in a hostel for the first time, but the caring wardens, homely food and the friendly atmosphere made me feel so much at home.


Mangalayatan University’s sprawling 70 acre campus is striking for one feature above all else – its abundance of sports facilities. At any time during the day, you are likely to stumble upon a basketball game, a cricket match or a soccer rumble, all at the same time.


At night, it is the turn of parallel volleyball matches under lights, with several hostel residents cheering lustily from the perches of their rooms. The Activity Calendar is packed with several Inter-Institute sports tournaments, as well as tournaments between hostel sections and student batches.


Both the girls’ and the boys’ gym in the hostel are equipped with state-of-the-art exercise equipment. The facility is available for day scholars


The Sumangalam hostel has a spacious mess with high-quality 100% vegetarian food serving 4 times a day with special lunch and dinner timings for Jain students. In addition, a glass of milk is served at 10 pm everyday.
Tea and coffee are available at all times during the day, up to midnight. The mess menu is highly varied, and is altered periodically in consultation with the students. Based on a coupon system, day scholars and other campus residents also avail this facility.


In addition to the mess and hostel canteen, Mangalayatan University has a central cafeteria, with ample indoor and outdoor seating space. Most of the day, the cafeteria is chock-a-block with patrons looking to grab a delicious snack, a refreshing cup of coffee or a cold drink to beat the heat. A favourite hangout for all students, the cafeteria serves a wide variety of snacks.
In the late evenings, the cafeteria transforms into a restaurant, acting as an alternate eating place for those desiring a change from the regular mess food. A variety of sumptuous multi-cuisine dinner items are served, all prepared in the “Vegetarian Snacks”. You will find several groups of students and staff engaged in deep conversation, enjoying a tasty, affordable meal under the clear night sky.

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