Admission Open 20223-24
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Career Advancement Cell


Since the inception of Mangalayatan University, it was witnessed that effective communication and interpersonal skills are crucial to increase employment opportunities and to compete successfully in the business environment. The employers increasingly want to hire professionals and not just “students with high scores”. Though the students were well taught and were talented, their lack of confidence, good communication skills and the ability to present themselves proved to be a quicksand in their field of future dreams.


Realizing the urgency, an immediate need was felt for an in-house training department that would help the students in their hour of need and would enable them to put their domain knowledge into effective practice. With this thought, the department of Career Advancement was started and its acceptance and success lies in the changed lives of the students


Career Advancement’s curriculum with soft skills training provides a unique opportunity for all students to develop their personality and upgrade their communication and presentation skills. The training benefits the students, both in their early professional careers and in their social interactions in the business environment.


The team of Career Advancement provides students with a strong conceptual and practical framework to build develop and manage teams. They play an important role in the development of the students’ overall personality, thereby enhancing their career prospects. The training provides strong practical orientation to the students and helps them in building and improving their skills in communication, the effective use of English, business correspondence, presentations, team building, leadership, time management, group discussions, interviews, and inter-personal skills. This training also helps students in career visioning and planning, effective resume writing and dealing with placement consultants and head-hunters.


The training is conducted in a very informal, interesting, and interactive manner, which gives ample scope for the students to interact with each other and face a wide variety of issues, topics, and situations that they are likely to come across as entry-level professionals.



The training methods include Case Studies, COP (Community of Practice), Projects, Role Plays, Quiz programs, and various other participatory sessions. The emphasis will be on learning by doing. The training focuses on the concept of ‘Student-centred learning’.


Since the method of training is experiential and highly interactive, the students imbibe the skills and attributes in a gradual and subtle way over the duration of the program. The students will not only learn the skills and attributes but also internalize them over a period of time.


Internalization ensures that the skills and attributes become part of the students’ nature. Subtle changes are bound to occur in their behaviour and outlook, and these will make them more self-assured and confident and positive.

  • Diagnostic test (to check the baseline)
  • Understand Aptitude, Interest and Personality
  • Top career options
  • Guidance to make informed career choice
  • Taught to sharpen skills to excel in career
  • Career Guidance and Counselling for Higher Education, Job Opportunities and Personal Life

Innate skills are refined to enable technocrats to enhance their entrepreneurial skills. COP (Community of Practice) case studies and Reference taken from Howard Business Reviews.

Specialized basic communication enhancement program for academically strong but from Hindi-background students.

Exclusive recruitment support for armed forces enrollment, especially in preparation for SSB (State Selection Board) and UES (University Entry Scheme)

Equipping the students to crack the Standard Selection Process (SSP) of various MNCs and various corporate giants with special training in Company Specific Aptitude training, Group Discussion, Company profile knowledge and focused Personal Interview FAQs.

  • Pre-Assessment done in all the semester with their score cards.
  • Mid-semester and Final assessment conducted to check the impact of training and student’s understanding.

Special classes have been started to enable to students in clearing the GATE examination within a good percentile. Department wise classes are run to ensure all the concepts are covered and clarified.

IBPS examination has a combination of aptitude skills, language skills, computer skills and general awareness. Special classes cater to development of the students in all the areas so as to enable them to clear both Clerk and Officer level examination.

BFSI Entrance Preparation Program

  • Aspiring students for banking and financial services, especially for IBPS and IFBI are specially coached and trained to clear the exam.
  • Second phase training of banking selection process, inclusive of training for Group Discussion and Personal Interviews

Requiring a good knowledge and grasp of various aptitude skills, which include Qualitative Ability, Reasoning Ability, Data Interpretation and Analysis and Verbal Ability, the classes also contains special sessions to work on Resume, Group Discussion, Interview Techniques and writing Statement of Purpose.

Topics range from General Knowledge to Current Affairs including Indian History, Industrial Development, Foreign Policies, IPR, National Income, GDP, Indian Economy, Economic Policies, Money Supply, Stock Exchange, Monetary Policies, Constitution of India, Evolution of Indian Constitution, Liberalization, etc.

For imparting instructions, there are seven specially designed training rooms, which also function as activity centres, discussion rooms for group activity oriented sessions and practice-cum-mock rooms. Each of the training rooms has a seating capacity of 70 and is equipped with state-of-art audio system.

Training rooms in the campus are equipped with the modern training aids and equipments:

  • Interactive white board, which acts as a white board and a computer projection screen and enables the faculty members to incorporate their classroom additions and notes as a part of the presentation.
  • Mounted LCD Projection systems
  • Latest audio-visual aids
  • Microphones to enable clarity of voice and also help the students to participate in speaking activities.
Placement Advantage-Career Advancement

The state-of-art specialized employability skill development program under the flagship of Career Advancement has fostered the campus placement across the University. The year 2013-14 witnessed 196 students placed in around 61 companies across sectors.


Formation of CASC

Career Advancement Student’s Council (CASC) formed via a formal registration and recruitment process. The cream-of-the-crop members themselves were responsible for organizing and conducting various events in this semester. Leadership, team work, stress management, responsibility and corporate culture were imbibed into students via first hand training and implementation

Career Advancement Landmark Achievement of 2013-14
  • Q-rius Minds-Workshop on Communicative English
    • Taught basic practical grammar through games and interactive activities
    • First year students of all institutes participated in this programme
    • Clarity of thought on various basic but confusing concepts witnessed.
  • Debate Championship (No. Of Participants- 30)
    • 30 students from around university participated
    • Students got a platform to show their fine argumentative skills, confidence and clear communication.
  • Quizzaria -Quiz Competition (No. Of Participants- 228)
    • MU witnessed first time ever technically advanced event with key features like:
      • Use of Buzzer circuit developed indigenously by students.
      • Use of Automated Timer and Scoreboard.
  • Word War (No. Of Participants- 417 )
    • 417 students (139 teams) participated in this event making it the single biggest participatory event in the area.
    • Participants competed with one another with the help of a software application developed by the students.
    • First event of University in which ingeniously-built software was used.
  • Vocabaddicts (No. Of Participants- 274 )
    • 274 students (137 teams) participated in this event
    • Single biggest participatory event in the area conducted exclusively for 1st and 2nd year undergrad students.
Defence (UES) cleared

Defence aspirants for various streams of engineering like Biotechnology, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Communication, Computer Science, Information Technology, etc attempted and cleared the interview process. These students were specially trained with view the process, parameters and the performance demanded by armed forces.

Communication Skills

Students from various strong Hindi-speaking belts like Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, interiors of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, etc were imbibed with the basics of English. Skills in making appropriate English sentences were strengthened. Interpersonal skills and presentation skills with the help of activities were enhanced.

Along with the basic modules that have been designed and the events that have been planned, the department of Career Advancement will soon be starting focussed competitive Exams Coaching for the following Careers points:


  • Special class to help in all UPSC exams
  • Dedicated training sessions for entrance into Armed forces
  • Enhanced language classes
  • Domain-based Group Discussion and Interview Questions
  • Technical and HR Interviews by Domain Experts
  • Inter University Level Fest and Competition.
  • More literary and academic competition for students to remove the inhibitions
  • Intra University GD Competition
  • Intra University Extempore Competition
  • Intra University Job Fit Competition
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