Vice Chancellor


Vice Chancellor
Mangalayatan University


We believe, Mangalayatan University is a “Gurukul of Global Education”. Here, we work towards a fine blend of values and global professional talents in the making of personalities that belong to the future about which I can’t even dream.

The University from 2018 onwards goes a step forward in reinforcing its vision by encouraging students into Residential Programs. This focus envisages not only protection from temptations of distractions but also exploiting time available on campus to revitalise classroom learning. Time saving on tedious commute everyday is an added advantage to the focus on studies for excellence.

Education in Mangalayatan’s Programs, while endorses the importance of multifaceted exposure in the complete formation of personality, recognizes the role of weaving these multiple exposures around formal studies given the age bracket of targeted students. I am sanguine of the fact that curriculum development for these Programs has been done through a robust consultative process involving subject matter experts, industrial leaders and behavioral trainers. One salient feature of these programs that integrates mandatory presence in sports/cultural/co-curricular activities with the blended classroom learning is expected to provide a holistic educational experience.

I welcome the young aspirants of excellence to join us in this journey and with our joint efforts perhaps we will add a much needed change to the society.

My best wishes!
Prof. KVSM Krishna