We are happy to share the Mangalayatan experience with you as you consider admission to The Mangalayatan University.
Extended NCR 33rd Milestone, Aligarh-Mathura Highway, Beswan,
P.O. Box: Aligarh
Uttar Pradesh



At Mangalayatan University, we believe that the quality of campus upkeep reflects the quality of education and development provided to students. As a result, no effort is spared in ensuring that the sprawling 70 acres Mangalayatan University campus is kept clean, green and becoming of our lofty educational standards.

Interested students are provided with tutorials on the various properties of these herbs, as well as given the opportunity to participate in maintaining and growing these.

At Mangalayatan University, we have a strict no-tolerance policy towards littering, chewing tobacco, smoking, spitting, drinking and unnecessary usage of plastic and paper. The student body is the most active stakeholder in this mission, with several student initiatives and clubs addressing these issues, which hold great importance in the quality of campus life.

Central Library

The Mangalayatan University Central Library is a spacious, modern facility which stacks over 40,000 books and subscriptions to about 300 journals and periodicals. The library subscribes to national & business dailies along with news & business magazines. It has a rich collection of research and industrial reports. A separate section stacks multiple copies of all the relevant textbooks & Research database.

The library has a large study hall facility that enables students to access resources until the late hours of night. It also has a dedicated computer lab facility, where students and faculty access several online e-journals and e-books.

ACCESS TO Central Library
Stacks over 40,000 books
subscriptions to about 300 Journals
the relevant textbooks & Research database

Computer and related facility

Students at Mangalayatan University enjoy the Wi-fi-enabled campus with access to computers & Internet.

Each Institute has its own Computer Lab, where students can do their project research. In addition to this, Mangalayatan University has a Central Computer Centre, equipped with 150 computers, that is open until late hours. The entire Sumangalam Hostel, home to nearly 700 Mangalayatan University students, is fully wi-fi-enabled, helping students enhance their educational experience via the 1 Gbps internet connection.

To service laptops, Mangalayatan University has two engineers permanently positioned on campus, in addition to a full-fledged Information Services Department to look after the university’s computational needs.

The Information Services Department manages the Mangalayatan Community Portal and the Mangalayatan University Email Services, access to which is provided to every Mangalayatan University student and staff member. Most official and academic transactions are carried out online. Mangalayatan University has implemented a state-of-the-art ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning system that covers all university operations.

mess facility

The Sumangalam hostel has a spacious mess with high-quality 100% vegetarian food serving 4 times a day with special lunch and dinner timings for Jain students. In addition, a glass of milk is served at 10 pm everyday.

Tea and coffee are available at all times during the day, up to midnight. The mess menu is highly varied, and is altered periodically in consultation with the students. Based on a coupon system, day scholars and other campus residents also avail this facility.


In addition to the mess and hostel canteen, Mangalayatan University has a central cafeteria, with ample indoor and outdoor seating space. Most of the day, the cafeteria is chock-a-block with patrons looking to grab a delicious snack, a refreshing cup of coffee or a cold drink to beat the heat. A favourite hangout for all students, the cafeteria serves a wide variety of snacks.

In the late evenings, the cafeteria transforms into a restaurant, acting as an alternate eating place for those desiring a change from the regular mess food. A variety of sumptuous multi-cuisine dinner items are served, all prepared in the “Vegetarian Snacks”. You will find several groups of students and staff engaged in deep conversation, enjoying a tasty, affordable meal under the clear night sky.

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