Bridge Course in Fine Arts Admission

Bridge Course in Fine Arts Admission 2024

A bridge course in fine arts serves as a transitional program for individuals with varying levels of experience or backgrounds in art to gain the foundational skills and knowledge necessary for more advanced studies in fine arts. The course curriculum includes Introduction to Fine Arts, Art History, Drawing Fundamentals, Color Theory, Design Principles, Studio Practice, Digital Tools and Techniques, Portfolio Development, Professional Practices, etc. A bridge course in fine arts aims to provide students with a solid foundation in artistic principles and techniques, regardless of their prior experience, setting them on the path towards more advanced studies or professional practice in the field of fine arts.

Bridge Course in Fine Arts Eligibility Criteria

  • The candidates must have completed graduation.
  • The graduation should be from a recognized board or university.
  • The candidates must have scored 50% in graduation.

Bridge Course in Fine Arts Duration:

The duration of the Bridge Course in fine arts course is one year. The ultimate goal of a bridge course in fine arts is to prepare students for further study in a formal art program or a career in the arts.

  • Before starting the course, the candidates undergo an assessment to evaluate their current skill level, knowledge, and understanding of fine arts concepts. Based on the results, the candidates are placed into different levels or groups.
  • The course begins with an introduction to fundamental concepts in the fine arts, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, and art history.
  • A significant portion of the course is likely to involve hands-on workshops and studio sessions where candidates can practice their skills under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Mangalayatan University Aligarh Fine Arts in Bridge Course Admission Process

Steps to Follow
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Step 2 Fill Application Form Online

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Bridge Course in Fine Arts Fee Structure

Fee Type Year 1 Total
Tuition Fee (INR) 30,000 30,000
Registration Fees One Time (INR) 500 500
Total Fees 30,500 30,500

Job Profiles After a Bridge Course in Fine Arts Degree Course :

After completing the course in the field of fine arts, candidates can pursue various job profiles. Some of the job profiles included are :

  • Visual Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Museum or Gallery Curator
  • Art Therapist
  • Art Critic or Writer
  • Art Conservator or Restaurateur
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