Seminars & Conferences



Mangalayatan University believes deeply in the power of research. Indeed, as a University, one of our avowed goals is to carve a niche for ourselves in the world of research and progressive thinking. Mangalayatan University actively encourages both its faculty and students to engage in constructive research. To this end, the University provides the necessary access to books, journals, laboratories, equipments and other facilities as required.

Several Mangalayatan University faculty and students have published papers in national and international journals. This year alone, 8 members of the Mangalayatan University family have represented the University at national-level conferences.

To bolster research initiatives, each Institute conducts several workshops by subject-matter experts in relevant fields. Almost all of these initiatives see students in leading organizational and participatory roles.



National Conference On ‘Recent Advancement In Infrastructure Development’ (12-13 March, 2015)

In all technological achievements, Mechanical and Civil Engineering has a special place in the world. It provides a strong foundation to the students and its role in the technological advancement is not only very important but it has no parallel.


Determinism in Śramaṇika traditions (particularly Jainism and Buddhism) and their moral and ethical effects