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Seminars & Conferences


Mangalayatan University believes deeply in the power of research. Indeed, as a University, one of our avowed goals is to carve a niche for ourselves in the world of research and progressive thinking.

Mangalayatan University actively encourages both its faculty and students to engage in constructive research. To this end, the University provides the necessary access to books, journals, laboratories, equipments and other facilities as required.

Several Mangalayatan University faculty and students have published papers in national and international journals. This year alone, 8 members of the Mangalayatan University family have represented the University at national-level conferences.

To bolster research initiatives, each Institute conducts several workshops by subject-matter experts in relevant fields. Almost all of these initiatives see students in leading organizational and participatory roles.


National Conference on ‘Recent Advancement in Infrastructure Development’ (12-13 March, 2015)

In all technological achievements, Mechanical and Civil Engineering has a special place in the world. It provides a strong foundation to the students and its role in the technological advancement is not only very important but it has no parallel.

The national conference on “RECENT ADVANCEMENT IN INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT” is intended to highlight the role of Mechanical and Civil engineering to face the new challenges for which it shall bring together Scientists, Academicians and Research Scholars to deliberate on the topic related to the theme of the conference.

The conference will cover recent trends in engineering like, smart structure, composites, condition monitoring, impact machines, G.M. functioning grated materials, heat and mass transfer, control of structure, cooling and heating potential of building, ergonomics, foundation, soil, environmental infrastructure, river water engineering, dams, green building.

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National Conference on ‘Advances of Applied Sciences in Engineering and Technology’ (20-21 Feb, 2015)

Department of Applied Sciences, Institute of Engineering and Technology organized National Conference on Advances of Applied Sciences in Engineering and Technology (20-21 Feb, 2015). ‘AASET-2015’ intended to bring together the eminent scientists, technologists and young researchers from across the country to provide a common platform for discussing their achievements and newer directions of research in the field of Applied Sciences like Nano-Technology, Nuclear Physics, Solid State Physics, Solar Physics, Space Dynamics, Fluid Dynamics, Operation Research, Statistics & Probability Theory, Algebra, Information Theory & Internet Security, Coding Theory & Cryptology, Electrochemistry, Catalysis, Green Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry, Biofuels, Polymer Chemistry, Molecular Modelling, Environmental Science and Renewable & Non-renewable Energy Resources. Prof. K.K. Agrawal, Chancellor, K.R. Mangalam University, Gurgaon, Prof. S.S. Agrawal, Director General, KIIT, Gurgaon and Prof. S. Alim H. Naqvi, AMU, Aligarh and other eminent academicians through their insightful presentations and lectures identified various thrust areas for future research. 19 researchers presented papers in the Conference.

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National Conference on ‘Recent Trends in Parallel Computing’ (1-2 November, 2014)

To discuss recent trends in parallel computing with specific focus on cloud and grid computing, a National Conference on ‘Recent Trends in Parallel Computing’ (1-2 November, 2014) has been organized by the Mangalayatan University. Computer Science experts urged researchers to conduct interdisciplinary projects to address the growing challenges in the field of data processing, environment and health with noble solutions.Researchers from different Universities presented 17 research papers during the Conference.

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Recent Advances in Technology and Engineering by IET, 15th-17th March, 2013

The Institute of Engineering and Technology has been organizing an annual National Conference on Recent Advances in Technology and Engineering (RATE) since 2012.The Conference has emerged as a strong ground for discussing recent advancement in Technology and Engineering with specific emphasis on Communication, Electronic systems and software. Attended by renowned industry experts, RATE has now become a demonstrating platform for researchers.

‘RATE-2013’ was organized from the 15th-17th March, 2013. Dr. Mahesh Chandra, Deputy Director General, National Informatics Center, New Delhi inaugurated the conference. The Conference witnessed scientists & experts from all over the country. More than 150 papers were presented in the conference and four prominent invitee lectures were delivered on the ever growing trends in Engineering and Technology.

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International Conference on Civic Challenges, Democracy and Media by IJMC, 25-26th Feb, 2012

The Institute of Journalism and Mass Communication organized a two day international conference on Civic Challenges, Democracy and Media. The Conference provided a platform to discuss the emerging challenges in the dynamic and ever challenging field of mass communication. The IJMC organized the conference on the 25-26th Feb, 2012. More than 130 delegates including 6 foreigners participated in the Conference. Papers and deliberations focused on Media, Civic Challenges and Democracy in the present national scenario. Several new trends in social media and its outcomes were presented and debated upon during the expert discussions by some great minds of recent times.

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National Conference on ‘Emerging Trends in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Research’ by IBMER, 18-19thFeb, 2012

The Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Research organized a National Conference ‘Emerging Trends in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Research’ on 18-19thFeb, 2012. The whole emphasis of the conference was on contemporary issues and advancements in the field of Bio-Technology and Pharmaceuticals. Seventy research papers were presented in the conference. The Conference witnessed several expert lectures on concurrent technical issues.

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International Conference on ‘The Role of Fine Art upto 6th Century AD’ by IVPAR, 4th and 5th February, 2011

The Institute of Visual and Performing Arts and Research successfully held an international Conference on ‘The Role of Fine Art upto 6th Century AD’ on the 4th and 5th February, 2011.Many veterans in the field of art and culture came together to presen their views on the golden eras of arts and music in the glorious past of Indian civilization. Experts from the field of discussed the human and traditional architectural values of the heritage of India, especially with reference to Nalanda, Taxila and the Indus Valley civilization.

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6th Annual UPUEA Conference

In October 2010, Mangalayatan hosted the 6th UP-Uttarakhand Economic Association Conference on its campus. The conference was very well-received by over 500 participants. Spread over two days, the conference featured over 70 high-quality papers, with a considerable number of them coming from Mangalayatan University students and faculty.

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International Seminar on Determinism in Śramaṇika Traditions (11th-12th January 2018)

Determinism in Śramaṇika traditions (particularly Jainism and Buddhism) and their moral and ethical effects

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