Admission Open 20223-24
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KADAM Constitution 2023-24


The University is located in a Semi Urban Area of Aligarh (U.P). The standard of living, literacy, and economic conditions of most of the nearby villages are not good. Since its establishment in 2007, University has undertaken pioneering steps for promotion of priority and thrust area in social responsibilities to its students who came from rural back ground and make them competitive other students.


KADAM is a social group which came into existence on 9 September 2010 by the students of Mangalayatan University with an aim to open its wings to create a change in nearby villages.


Mangalayatan University aims to develop a scalable and sustainable ideal village. The University has conducted a survey of various nearby villages with details such as age, gender ratio, education and sources of income. On the basis of survey, University takes some initiatives in formulating the various schemes for these villages.

KADAM focuses on rural development by supporting education in villages. KADAM has taken responsibility on its shoulders to make people aware who are unaware of the importance of education. KADAM will enhance their skills with the help of education.

The social works are done by the students on the voluntary basis. The students are encouraged to participate and there is a considerable scope for expansion of activities. The University proposes to introduce more schemes as the members of such groups expand.
The University has adopted an integrated approach to the many aspects of villagers’ life such as literacy, health, dental camp, eye check-up camp, blood donation camp, sarthakshuruaat, literacy drive, sanitation drive etc.
Social work initiated by the university has created significant and perceptible impact on the quality of village life. Now villagers are self-initiated and support University students in organizing more such camps by offering their places for camps in future. Earlier girls in villages hesitated to join schools. Now, many of girls have joined schools in nearby villages. Some of the villagers even want their children to join Mangalayatan University in future.


To provide an opportunity that will allow all needy youngsters to pursue their hidden passion and will help them in getting the exposure. towards competitive world.

Major Activities

  • Taare Zameen Par
  • Blood Donation Camp
  • Health Camp
  • Plantation Drive
  • Sarthak
  • Food Distribution Camp
  • Nasha Mukti Abhiyaan
  • Child Education
  • Republic Day
  • Agriculture Awareness
  • Say No to Plastic
  • Independence Day
  • Awareness about COVID-19  Vaccination
  • Digital Awareness
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