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Academic Facilities



The University follows a Semester System with Odd Semester from July to December and Even Semester from January to June. There is a Winter Vacation of approximately three weeks in Dec/Jan and a Summer Vacation of approximately 8 weeks in June/July. A special Semester called Summer Semester is conducted during the Summer Vacation for those students who could not appear in the normal Semester End Exams due to attendance shortage. These students can attend the Summer Semester and complete the subjects in which they were detained due to shortage of attendance. We have continuous evaluation through the semester with assignments, quiz tests, three in semester exams and an Semester end exam. A student earns the credits assigned to a subject on passing the subject. On an average, there are 25 credits required for completing a semester. On completing the required credits for a semester, the Semester Grade Point Average (GPA) is computed for each student. On completion of more than one semester, the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is calculated for all semesters completed by a student at a given stage of his degree course. The overall grade achieved by a student is reflected as the CGPA achieved by him/her at completion of all semesters of the course.

  • Computer Center
  • Laboratories
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  • Library

Computer Center

Computer and related facility

Students at Mangalayatan University enjoy the WI-FI enabled facilities on Campus with access to Computers and the Internet.

Each Institute has its own Computer Lab, where students can do their project research. In addition to this, Mangalayatan University has a Central Computer Centre, equipped with 150 computers, that is open until late hours. The entire Sumangalam Hostel, home to nearly 700 Mangalayatan University students, is fully wi-fi-enabled, helping students enhance their educational experience via the 1 Gbps internet connection.

To service laptops, Mangalayatan University has two engineers permanently positioned on campus, in addition to a full-fledged Information Services Department to look after the university’s computational needs.

The Information Services Department manages the Mangalayatan Community Portal and the Mangalayatan University Email Services, access to which is provided to every Mangalayatan University student and staff member. Most official and academic transactions are carried out online. Mangalayatan University has implemented a state-of-the-art ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning system that covers all university operations.



Whether it be Engineering, Architecture, Biotechnology, Management or the Arts, no educational experience today is complete or relevant without the hands-on exposure that laboratory and field work gives you. Mangalayatan University has some of the most sophisticated, well maintained labs in the country, in all streams of study. Our students benefit from dedicated computer labs as well as the latest specialized department-specific labs like MEMS, Microwave, Electrical Machines, VLSI, Cell Biology, Aviation, Microprocessor etc. In total, Mangalayatan University has a total of 74 labs, with several more under development.

Class rooms

Class rooms


Central Library

The Mangalayatan University Central Library is a spacious, modern facility which stacks over 40,000 books and subscriptions to about 300 journals and periodicals. The library subscribes to national & business dailies along with news & business magazines. It has a rich collection of research and industrial reports. A separate section stacks multiple copies of all the relevant textbooks & Research database.

The library has a large study hall facility that enables students to access resources until the late hours of night. It also has a dedicated computer lab facility, where students and faculty access several online e-journals and e-books.

ACCESS TO Central Library
Stacks over 40,000 books
subscriptions to about 300 Journals
the relevant textbooks & Research database