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Student Council

Presence of an active Student Council & representation of students on academic & administrative bodies/committees of the institution

Realizing the necessity for student self governance, understanding the importance of articulating the view of the student body, desiring to further the welfare of students and believing that student government is needed to carry out these actions. University creates a platform for the active participation of the students in the various academic & administrative bodies including other activities. This empowers the students in gaining leadership qualities, rules, regulations and execution skills. The university has an active Student Council and different committees of the university like Anti-ragging committee and Discipline Committee, IQAC, NSS and many other.

Prof. Sidharth Jain

Director . Student Activity

Dr. Soni Singh

Coordinator MUSC

Mr. Love Mittal

Coordinator MUSC

Ashish Kushwaha


Anushka Sharma

Vice President

Vibhav Goel

General Secretary

Naman Raj



The purpose of the formation of Mangalayatan University student Council (MUSC) is to provide opportunity to the students to learn managerial, leadership qualities by the way of organizing and participating in sports, curricular and extracurricular activities to enable them to develop their overall personality.

Selection Procedure

All the bonafide students of Mangalayatan University shall become the members of MUSC and are the voting members of MUSC, if they fulfill the criteria.

Criteria of Selection:

HoD’s will select the Class Representatives (CRs) in the beginning of even semester on the following guidelines:-


Membership: Membership is offered to all students who fulfill the criteria of selection.   Governing body MUSC will be governed by a body, which is composed of eight members and ex—offcio member. The eight members shall be:
  1. President
  2. General Secretary
  3. Treasurer
  4. Joint secretary
  5. Four Executive members

The President, Secretary , Joint Secretary, Treasurer and Executive Members will be the students selected among all the members forwarded by the HoD’s for MUSC.

The different Student clubs will be formulated under MUSC like Literary Club, Cultural Club, Hostel/Mess Club, Technical Clubs, Social Clubs etc.

The composition of Clubs will be on the guidelines issued for Establishment and Operation of students club.

The governing body of different student clubs will be selected among the members of MUSC, and are here the members of MUSC can nominate/suggest the students for governing body from other bonafide students also (who are not Class Representatives) and who have good academic record and should not have received any punishment/warning or disciplinary grounds.

Office of Director Student Activity monitors the effectiveness and outcome of Club/Committee activities. Best practices of each Institution are transmitted across University to strengthen the student’s platforms for holistic development of each student of the University.

The funding for various activities of the internal college bodies is partially done by University Management and partially by the sponsorship from various business bodies who wants to promote their business in the area of Aligarh, Mathura, Agra and Hathras.
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