Student Council


To provide opportunities to the students in the field of Curricular & extracurricular activities and to make suggestions for improving academic programmes University Students Council is proposed so that students could spend their leisure time in healthy pursuits & thereby can explore their hidden talents and potentialities such as artists, speakers, actors, event managers, singers and musicians etc and develop leadership qualities.

MUSC will be formed of currently enrolled students, who normally share common interests, be it cultural, intellectual, musical, educational, academic, social, etc. MUSC will organize activities that aim at achieving their set objectives, which should not be related to academic duties and/or classroom projects.


All the enrolled students of the University who fulfil the criteria are entitled to be the members of MUSC. They have to apply to their HoDs at the start of each session and HoDs will forward the names of the class representative to Director Students Activity for approval. A full time faculty member will act as the Convener of the council.

Eligibility Criteria and selection Procedure

To ensure that participation in Students’ Council does not adversely affect the academic performance of the members, the following eligibility criteria will be used for selection/appointment of class representatives and council members:

  • First year: Only those students of First year are eligible as class representatives who have minimum of 75% marks in qualifying examinations.
  • Second Year Onwards: Only those students of subsequent years are eligible for Class representatives who have a minimum of 75% marks or 8 CGPA without any back log.
  • The selection of Class representatives will be done by respective HoD in the class room by calling the names of interested students fulfilling the minimum selection criterion.
  • There will be one class representative per section where the strength is more than 60 students for undergraduate and post graduate programmes.
  • Small Institutions/Departments where the strength of students is less than 60 students per section may select one coordinator for the Institute or for a group of classes.
  • The HoD will forward the names of selected class representatives to the Director, Students Activities for constitution of MUSC.