Institute of Biomedical Education and Research

About the Institute

Welcome to the Department of Biotechnology & Life Sciences and Department of Pharmacy at Institute of Biomedical Education and Research (IBMER), Mangalayatan University, Aligarh. We started our journey in the year 2007. Over the last 15 years, we have grown our expertise and competence in the core area of Biotechnology and Pharmacy.

If you have an interest in Science and health care, then you need to consider Biotechnology & Pharmacy as a carrier option. Biotechnology is the study of living organisms and to make useful products for the well being of human health. Modern biotechnology in encompasses diversified areas of Biomedical, Industrial and Environmental Science.

Pharmacy is the study of many features of drugs; including their design, manufacture and formulation into a medicine and how they work in the body. Pharmacist are the vital members of the health care system in both community and hospital settings.

Biotechnologist turn into an expert in medicines with a detailed understanding of the scientific bases of diagnosis and therapy. Our courses also provide you with the many general skills needed, after you qualify as a Biotechnologist and Pharmacist. We offer you the opportunity to become a confident and competent health care professional. 

The Department of Biotechnology & Life Sciences came into existence in June 2007; first batch graduated in 2011. Biotechnology field itself has a specialized science stream that leans heavily towards biology and a technology stream. The Biotechnology department offers B.Sc. Biotechnology, M.Sc. & Ph.D. Programs in Biotechnology. The department has state of the art laboratories and well qualified and experienced faculty members from reputed National and International Institutes. The main focus of Biotechnology department is to provide excellent teaching, training and research facilities for students.The department is actively involved in organizing Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, trainings and awareness campaign regularly. Students, Research Scholars & faculty members have received several awards and recognitions and are life members of many reputed National and International Scientific and Medical bodies like ICMR, WHO, American society of Microbiology, Indian society of public health & hygiene and Indian Science Congress.


  • “To create a good platform for excellent teaching and applied research for the upliftment of the society and to develop professionals to employ processes and applications for the betterment of the mankind”.


  • To adapt and update students with rapidly changing technologies through self-improvement with continuous learning and professional ethics.
  • To enable students for community-collaborative learning processes beyond classrooms in various disciplines of biotechnology and life sciences.
  • To develop and train biotechnology professionals who can contribute and make improvement of biotechnological services and products.
  • To nurture individuals who are effective contributors towards growth of the nation.