Academics and Research Cell


The University is focuses on developing knowledge creation as a cultural catalyst in the academic pursuits of students and member of faculty. Faculty develops an initiatives take cognizance of this thrust. The University doctoral programs has been drawn the successful model of renowned universities at national & international levels. A robust doctoral career has been conceptualized within the framework of world class practices and advisories from organizations such as UGC etc. The Academics &Research Cell (ARC) of the university offers a doctoral program leading to the award of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) across almost all disciplines of all scholarships that the university has its presence in. By engaging the members of faculty and the administrative personnel in various educational departments for purposes of course work offering, research supervision and other necessary procedural actions. The ARC has beensuccessfully offering the Ph.D. Program over the last one last decade or so.

For its research development responsibility the ARC encourages the member of faculty to work towards developing large sized project proposals to be presented for financial support from the relevant sponsoring agencies such as DST, DBT, and CSIR etc.

Through its seed money scheme it encourages the development of research, infrastructure, which inturns stretches itself for extra-mural funding. With these efforts the ARC attends to bring knowledge creation to the doorsteps of Knowledge discrimination in Mangalayatan University.


12-13 March,2015

In all technological achievements, Mechanical and Civil Engineering has a special place in the world. It provides a strong foundation to the students and its role in the technological advancement is not only very important but it has no parallel.

The national conference on “RECENT ADVANCEMENT IN INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT” is intended to highlight the role of Mechanical and Civil engineering to face the new challenges for which it shall bring together Scientists, Academicians and Research Scholars to deliberate on the topic related to the theme of the conference.

The conference will cover recent trends in engineering like, smart structure, composites, condition monitoring, impact machines, G.M. functioning grated materials, heat and mass transfer, control of structure, cooling and heating potential of building, ergonomics, foundation, soil, environmental infrastructure, river water engineering, dams, green building.