Admission Open 2024-25
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Another huge addition in the current academic year has been the full-fledged implementation of the Mentorship program for every student at Mangalayatan University. Each student is attached to one faculty member for the full duration of his or her stay at the Mangalayatan University campus. Parents are regularly updated by the mentor, with assistance from the Parents Information System, on every aspect of their ward’s performance and growth in the university. This is a key development born out of our belief that the best way to develop our young students’ career is when the three stakeholders – parents, the institution and industry – work hand in hand to facilitate and monitor the students’ progress.


Prof. P. K. Dashora, Vice Chancellor, MUPatron
Dr. Sidharth Jain, Director-Alumni Affairs, MUConvener(IBMC)
Mrs. Soni Singh, AlumniPresident
Ms. Sukanya Raghuvanshi, AlumniSecretary
Mr. Manoj Gupta, FO, MUTreasurer
Member from each Faculty/Institute(One faculty member from each Institute, MU)
Mr. Mayank Jain  – (FH)Member
Mr. Love Mittal – (IET)Member
Mr. Dheeresh Upadhyay – (FES)Member
Mr. Devendra Singh  – (IBMER)Member
Ms. Mamta Rani – (ILSR)Member
Dr. Swati Agrawal  – (IAS)Member
Student member from each Faculty/Institute(One existing student from each Institute, MU)
Rishab Jain – (IBM)Member
Vibhav Goel – (FH)Member
Pallavi – (FES)Member
Aleena Ahmad – (IBMER)Member
Naman Raj Singh -(IAS)Member
Alumni MemberDesignation
Raj Kumar Sharma –  (FMC)Member
Anand Prakash Yadav – (FH)Member
Aman Kumar Singh – (FES)Member
Dinesh Chaudhary – (IBMER)Member
Sanchit  Vashist – (IAS)Member
Taran Agrawal – (ILSR) Member
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