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Academic Council


The Academic Council is the Principal Academic Body of the University and exercises general supervision on the academic policies of the University.

The Academic Council chaired by the Vice Chancellor, has powers to institute Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates and Distinctions awarded by the University. Academic Council Controls and Maintains Standard of Instructions and Research, Scrutinizes proposals submitted by the Board of Studies through Faculty Boards and makes suitable recommendations thereon. Academic Council also advises the Executive Council on matters relating to Examinations, Recognition of Degrees, Diplomas and Equivalence of Examinations conducted by the various examining bodies.

The Academic council besides the ex-officio members as well as the members of Faculty ,also has five persons of Academic Eminence nominated by the Board of Trustees.

1.Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor
Prof. Parmendra Kumar Dashora
Mangalayatan University Campus, Mathura Road, Aligarh
Ex-Officio Chairperson
Mangalayatan University Campus, Mathura Road, Aligarh
3.Two Directors/Heads/Deans of Institutions in order of seniority by
(i)  Prof. Ullas Gurudas, Dean – Academic, Mangalayatan University Campus, Aligarh(ii) Prof. Rajeev Sharma, Dean- FH, Mangalayatan University Campus, Mathura Road, Aligarh.

Up to Eight Directors/Head of Institutions /School/College/Department by rotations by Vice -Chancellor.

  1. Prof. RK Sharma, HOD- Department of Biotechnology.
  2. Prof. Kumudini Pradeep Pawar, Principal, MAMCRC.
  3. Prof. Abdul Wadood Siddiqui, Principal, SOP
  4. Dr. Yogesh Kumar, Head- Department of Arts
  5. Prof Sidharth Jain, Professor – IBMC
  6. Prof YP Singh, Director (officiating)- IQAC, Head- IAS
  7. Dr. Ashok Purohit, Director – Research & Ph.D. Program
  8. Dr. Kishan Pal Singh, Director, IET

Up to Sir Heads of Departments – Members by rotating in order of Seniority by Vice – Chancellor

  1. Dr. Haider Ali, HOD – ILSR
  2. Dr. Santosh Gautam, HOD – DJMC.
  3. Dr. Ashok Kumar Upadhyay, HOD, Dept.of Library & Information Sciences
  4. Dr. Deepshikha Saxena, HOD- IER
  5. Mr. Mohan Maheshwari, HOD – ME-IET
  6. Dr. Poonam Rani , HOD-DVPA

Four Professors, Two Associate Professors and Two Assistant Professor, Members by rotation in order of seniority by Vice- Chancellor 

  1. Prof. Dev Prakash, Principal- Dept. of Pharmacy
  2. Prof. Dinesh Sharma- COE
  3. Prof. Saurabh Kumar, Director Admissions
  4. Prof. Ankur Kumar Agarwal, IBMC
  5. Dr. Rajesh Kumar Upadhyay, HOD- DEEE
  6. Dr Shiv Kumar, Associate Professor, IER
  7. Dr. Javed Wasim, HOD- DCEA
  8. Mr. Jitendra Yadav, ILSR

Five distinguished academician from outside the university to be nominated as members by the Vice Chancellor

  1. Prof. Arif Suhail, Ex Dean, FES, Mangalayatan University
  2. Prof. Madhulika Kaushik, Vice-Chancellor, Usha Martin University
  3. Lt. Gen. AK Mishra, Vice-Chancellor, Mangalayatan University, Jabalpur
  4. Prof. Mohammad Gulrez, Pro Vice-Chancellor, AMU, Aligarh
  5. Prof. Ubaidullah Bokhari, Deptt. of Computer Application, AMU, Aligarh

Two distinguished industry experts to be nominated by Vice Chancellor

  1. Mr. Ashok Kumar, IT Head, General Electric, South Asia
  2. Mr. Atul Gupta, Charted Accountant

Two nominees of the chancellor from among science, education, technology, Media and Management practice nor and social sectors leaders

  1. Mr. Rahul Dev, Senior Journalist
  2. Prof. SC Jain , Ex Vice- Chancellor, Mangalayatan University

Two nominees of the Sponsoring Body from among science, education, technology, Media and Management practice nor and social sectors leaders   

  1. Mr. Mukesh Goel
  2. Mr. Dilip Jain

Two distinguished academician as Special Invitee nominated by Vice- Chancellor

  1. Prof. Farha Azmi, Principal, Nursing College, AMU, Aligarh
  2. Prof. Shivaji Sarkar, Ex Registrar, Mangalayatan University, Aligarh


  1. Brig. Sumar Vir Singh

Mangalayatan University Campus, Mathura Road, Aligarh


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