Institute of Legal Studies and Research.

About the Institute

Institute of Legal Studies & Research was established in Mangalayatan University, Beswan (Aligarh) in 2010 to impart quality legal education with a view to produce world class legal professionals, scholars and academicians in Law and other disciplines. Globalization has posed many new challenges and opportunities which has created the need for competent scholars, lawyers and academicians. The role of Mangalayatan University and the Institute of Legal Studies & Research is to fulfill the need of offering world class education in the field of law by equipping the students and teachers with knowledge, skills and scholarship in order to meet different challenges and demands of globalization.

Institute of Legal Studies & Research aims to develop a positive attitude in students and to make them realize that the lawyers are an integral part of the system of adjudication, determination of policies and setting up of standards for regulations of various activities through relevant institutions.


  • “To transformthe students by boosting their moral, harnessing their energy and moulding them with the right combination of practical knowledge, academic excellence and human values to become quality law professionals”.


  • To advance and disseminate knowledge of the law with a view to ensuring its proper role in the development of society and nation.
  • To create lawyers of tommorrow for handling legal issues not only restricted to the national boundaries but also complex cross border transactions by developing legal skills in the core specialized areas such as Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Law, Cyber Law, Trade Lawand the likes.
  • To impart high quality legal education to make students as responsible citizens in a disciplined environment.