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BCA Blockchain Degree: Course, Salary, Scope, Fees, Benefits, Career, Jobs, Syllabus, Eligibility and More

BCA Blockchain Degree - Overview

The term BCA means Bachelor of Computer Applications and a degree in this field covers a set of disciplines such as Software Engineering, Network Administration, Computer Hardware, Operating Systems, Software Testing, User Interface, Multimedia Applications, Internet Technology, etc. These disciplines help an individual in getting a job in IT companies and entering the industry as an IT professional.

BCA course degree allows the students to develop their careers in the technology domain. Today, a BCA degree is considered a gateway to further studies and degrees like Master of Computer Applications, Master of Business Administration and MBA, or Master of Technology in a field.

One such specialization that can open doorways to rewarding opportunities is “Blockchain”. The BCA Blockchain Degree is designed to help the students to increase their skill set in the domain. The BCA Blockchain Degree studies a well-known technology that is used to facilitate and secure the transactions of goods. It is based on cutting-edge technologies and advanced methods. The students need to have the proper knowledge of blockchain technology to understand its working principles. The BCA Blockchain Degree program provides the students with the opportunity to understand the working of a smart contract, digital signatures, cryptocurrency, etc.

However, the students need to have the right knowledge to study it successfully. Straightway, let us dive into the blog to learn more about the BCA Blockchain Degree course objectives, eligibility, fees, career, jobs, scope, syllabus and more.

BCA Blockchain Course Objectives

  • Provide learners with high-quality technical and skill-based training in the field of information and technology.
  • Impart knowledge of blockchain methods and being able to deliver the concepts systematically.
  • Engage in ongoing education so that you can adopt the newest innovations in the rapidly expanding field of computer applications.
  • To prepare multifunctional computing experts with worldwide competence.
  • To systematically evaluate blockchain applications.
  • Excel as a morally upright person with compassion for societal needs.

BCA Blockchain: Course Highlights

Full Form Bachelor in Computer Application with Blockchain Technology
Course Level Graduation
Course Duration 3 years
Eligibility 50% score in 10+2 with Maths as the compulsory subject
Course Fee INR 70,000
Examination Type Semester
Admission Process Merit/Entrance exams
Average Salary After Degree INR 5,00,000 LPA
Recruiting Companies After Degree Amazon, Microsoft. Reliance Jio, Tech Mahindra, Accenture, Wipro and many more.  

BCA Blockchain Course Duration

In India, BCA degree programs offer blockchain undergraduate studies. The three-year BCA in Blockchain course emphasizes a strong focus on the fundamentals of blockchain systems and cryptocurrencies.

BCA Blockchain Course Eligibility Criteria

In India, a candidate must complete the 10+2 exam with PCM disciplines to qualify for a BCA in Blockchain. Some colleges need 50% in the 10+2 examination, where math is a mandatory subject.

BCA Blockchain Admission Process

There are entrance tests for the majority of universities that offer BCA Blockchain Courses. While some colleges need applicants to take either their entrance examinations or recognised entrance tests like JEE Main or UPSEE, some private university In India don't even require entrance tests.

However, the majority of colleges that offer UG blockchain courses also consider JEE Main marks before making admission decisions. Any candidate might opt out of taking entrance examinations for these universities with a good JEE Main score.

BCA Blockchain Course Fees

For the BCA degree with a focus on blockchain, the majority of reputable institutions charge about INR 70,000 per year. However, several colleges and universities charge more than INR 1 lakh annually.

BCA Blockchain Syllabus

The program's curriculum has been designed in a way that provides the learners with rich exposure and equips them with the knowledge and skills they need to successfully navigate the industry's scope. Listed below are a few topics that will be covered within 3 years.

  • Variables & Data Types
  • Conditionals, Loops & Functions
  • Searching & Sorting
  • Abstraction and Encapsulation
  • Inheritance & Polymorphism
  • Recursion & Basics Algorithms
  • Algorithm Analysis
  • Evolution of Blockchain
  • Basic Elements of Blockchain
  • Types of Blockchains
  • Dynamic Programming Data Structures
  • Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchain
  • History of Cryptography
  • Crypto Primitives
  • Consensus models
  • Consensus Mechanics and Mining Pool
  • Zero Knowledge Protocols
  • Programming language
  • OS
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Software Development with a focus on blockchain and many more.

Salary After BCA Blockchain Course in India

Nowadays, Blockchain professionals are in high demand. Therefore, once a person masters blockchain, their income will be pretty high.

Employers are always eager to give high salaries to Blockchain specialists if they are deserving. So don't worry! In reality, a Blockchain techie makes much more money than the typical IT worker. You can earn twice as much, if not three times as much, as a software engineer if you possess the necessary blockchain abilities. Typically, a Blockchain graduate in India makes between Rs. 5,00,000 and Rs. 30,00,000 LPA. Your annual salary will increase in direct proportion to the depth and breadth of your skill set and expertise. The pay package also hinges on the position and whether a candidate has additional credentials.

BCA Blockchain Future Scope in India

The age of blockchain has come. There is a global trend of enterprises adopting Blockchain technology to solve key business issues. Businesses from a variety of economic sectors are now becoming more open to the idea of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The deployment of Blockchain technology is so rapid that, according to Gartner, its business value will surpass $3 trillion by 2030.

India is catching up to the growing trend in blockchain adoption as a result. The job market in this field is currently rising due to the growing interest in Blockchain from both the public and private sectors.

Blockchain talent is hard to come by because the technology is still in its infancy and has only recently begun to acquire popularity. Blockchain is currently one of the skills that are expanding the fastest, with employment in this field growing at an astounding pace. Along with the BFSI industry, other industries such as medicine, academia, logistics management, cloud technology, property investment, and even government organisations are driving up the need for Blockchain professionals.

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Career or Jobs Opportunities after BCA Blockchain Degree

Blockchain is a developing career field in the IT sector. The salary package isn't the only consideration if you're hoping to land one of the top blockchain jobs in India. An appealing career has room for improvement, job stability, and a good track record.

Blockchain professionals now have a better understanding of how organisations and sectors operate due to the revolutionary possibilities of blockchain technology.

Let's explore the career opportunities as we walk together:

  • Blockchain Developer

  • Blockchain Project Manager
  • Blockchain Solution Architect
  • Blockchain UX Designer
  • Blockchain Legal Consultant
  • Blockchain Quality Engineer
  • Cryptocurrency Mining Engineer
  • Blockchain Business Analyst
  • Cryptocurrency Developer

How to Choose Top BCA Blockchain College?

BCA course may be an effective way to start a career in the computer application world, where there is a great demand for graduates. You may have noticed that there are a lot of institutions that offer degrees in the computer application field, and it may become very confusing to choose from them all.

If you are thinking to become a Blockchain Engineer, then India is one of the best places where you can do that. The topmost Blockchain universities in India will provide you with all the necessary courses to start your journey in this field.

Therefore, before applying to any university you should consider the following 5 parameters:

  • University ranking & affiliations
  • Learning pedagogy & facilities
  • Course Curriculum
  • Practical exposure or Live projects
  • Placement support

Top Companies Hiring BCA Blockchain Graduates

Numerous reputable organizations and new start-ups are looking to hire people with blockchain technical backgrounds. In the days ahead, the demand is forecasted to reach even higher across a variety of industries.

The available jobs have previously been discussed. Now let's look at which key players are actively looking to hire blockchain specialists.

  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Reliance Jio
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Accenture
  • Wipro

Benefits of Doing BCA Blockchain Course

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the most emerging technologies. The BCA Blockchain degree also offers a great opportunity for anyone who wants to work with blockchain technology. At the moment, there is a huge need for developers who can combine the skills of the blockchain with the web and cloud technology. Having a BCA Blockchain degree is an excellent opportunity for them to avail multiple opportunities in blockchain companies and businesses.

Blockchain technology has a lot of applications in today’s world of business. A lot of industries are adopting blockchain in every nook and corner of their business. These innovative industries include cryptocurrency, entertainment, finance, energy, etc. Therefore, a blockchain course is of immense importance in the modern business world. Not only can it boost a person’s career, but it can also help them earn in life. If you have a plan of studying blockchain, the decision of studying a BCA course should be taken after analysing the need for it. Thus, without further ado, let us look at the advantages of pursuing a BCA blockchain course.

The benefits of pursuing a BCA Blockchain course are as follows:

  • It provides a thorough knowledge of blockchain technology
  • It gives you a sound understanding of the working principles of blockchain
  • It also lets you gain insights into blockchain applications and their future.
  • It helps you in making a sound business case for its adoption in your business.
  • It helps you in understanding the security, immutability, and scalability of blockchain technology

Required Skills for BCA Blockchain Course

People with blockchain expertise are widely valued. Start-ups or giant MNCs are constantly seeking employees who have the right knowledge and skills to apply this new technology because of the wide range of applications. Well, not everyone is suited for these prospects, but at least they must have the basic set of skills to find great employment possibilities. The abilities that distinguish you from the competition and inspire confidence in you from employers must already exist in you or be acquired.

Here are the required skills for BCA Blockchain Course:

  • Programming Skills
  • Cryptography Skills
  • Inquisitiveness to Learn
  • Patience
  • Organizational and managerial skills
  • Good communication skills

BCA Blockchain Degree: Related FAQs

Q1 - What is the qualification for BCA Blockchain?

Candidates must have completed the 10+2 exam with the required score of 50% from an accredited board, with math qualifying as the compulsory subject.

Q2 - Is BCA Blockchain a good course?

Of course, it is a good course. The blockchain is an area of numerous opportunities. Depending on your future ambitions, you can select any demanding job profile.

Q3 - Which entrance exam is needed for BCA Blockchain?

Some colleges don't even require entrance tests. JEE Main results are also taken into consideration by the majority of universities that offer UG blockchain courses.

Q4 - How hard is BCA Blockchain?

Blockchain can appear to be a difficult technology to grasp due to its alleged complexity. Although you can learn this technology and pursue a fascinating new job with the proper necessary knowledge and abilities. You might choose to enter this profitable industry as a blockchain professional after earning your BCA. One of the top employment opportunities after a BCA is blockchain development.

Q5 - What is the course duration of BCA Blockchain?

The duration of the course is 3 years.

Q6 - What job can I get after BCA Blockchain?

After completion of the BCA Blockchain course, one can get opportunities in tech firms, industries, start-ups or big MNCs as Blockchain Solution Architect, Blockchain UX Designer, Blockchain Legal Consultant, Blockchain Quality Engineer and more.

Key Takeaway!

Blockchain technology is one of the biggest technological changes that has been made to the world. Many industries like technology, healthcare, online platforms, and financial services are using blockchain technology. Blockchain has numerous applications in each field. The number of users is increasing day by day with no boundaries.

The career prospects that come with Blockchain technology will grow as it develops. Since the blockchain is here to stay, demand for blockchain expertise will continue to be high for many years to come. Hence, many students are opting for studying this subject.

What are you still holding out for? The time is now to acquire the relevant skills if you're interested in blockchain technology and its applications and want to build a profession out of it. Enrol in the BCA Blockchain Program at Mangalayatan University right away to begin your journey toward blockchain technology!

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