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BCA Vs. B.Sc. Computer Science, Which Course is Better to Make A Successful Career in The Sphere of Information Technology.

After 10+2 in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics; maximum students want to pursue education programme related to computer. When it comes to choosing a suitable computer course after 10+2, then B. Tech Computer Science comes as the first choice. But, due to difficult curriculum, fierce competition, and high fees, many students don’t want to pursue B. Tech CS. Apart from B. Tech CS, there are few other undergraduate programmes related computer, which offer excellent scope in the matter of employment opportunities and higher studies. Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) and B.sc Computer Science are two undergraduate courses, which opens the doors of successful career in the sphere of information technology.

But it is often found that student often remains in dilemmas between BCA and B.sc Computer Science. Because, in the matter of curriculum, higher studies, and employment opportunities both courses offer almost similar scope. To decode this dilemma, we will discuss each of these academic programmes individually evaluating their core focus area, generic syllabus and market value followed by a comparative analysis between them.

What is Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)?

  • Bachelor of Computer Application courses is an undergraduate programme of three years, focused on the application of Computer Science.
  • Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) imparts a holistic understanding of Internet technologies, web development, and mobile application development.
  • Being a practical education programme, BCA lays stress on programming language like C & C++, business communication, software engineering, networking, e-commerce, and, multimedia systems.
  • Upon Completion of Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA), students can go for Master of Computer Application (MCA).
  • BCA is a prestigious degree and it is accepted and recognized in all Indian Universities and government organizations.
  • Since BCA is an employment-oriented and practical education programme, thereby after completing the course students can find decent employment opportunities quickly, according to their skills and interest.

What is Bachelor of Computer Science (B.sc. CS)?

  • Bachelor of Computer Science (B.sc. CS) is an undergraduate programme of three years, focused on the core concept of computer science.
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (B.sc. CS) imparts holistic understanding of mathematical foundation for computer science, computer fundamentals and architecture, data structures and C Programming.
  • It is a theoretical education programme, B.sc Computer Science lays stress on mathematical aspects in computer science, concept of programming, statistics, and electronic.
  • Higher education opportunities are Master of Computer Application (MCA), Master of Computer Science (M.sc CS), and B. Tech Computer Science.
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (B.sc CS) is a prestigious degree, and it is accepted and recognized in all Indian Universities and government organizations.
  • Since B.sc Computer Science (B.sc CS) is a concept-oriented and theoretical education programme, thereby the programme is suitable for higher studies and academics. Don’t expect any decent employment opportunity right after completing the course.

B. Sc Computer Science (B. Sc CS) Vs. Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA): Difference in Core Area and Curriculum.

Major Curriculum of B. Sc Computer Science (B. Sc CS):

Data Structures and C Programming, Mathematical Foundation for Computer Science, System software and operating system, Software engineering, Java programming, Computer networks, Visual programming - visual basic.

Major curriculum of Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA):

Business Communication, Programming Principles and Algorithms, Elements of Statistics, ‘C’ Programming, File Structure and Database Concepts, Data Structure using C, Software Engineering, RDBMS, Networking, Object Oriented Programming using C++, Internet Programming and Cyber Law, Core Java, e-Commerce, Advance Java, Introduction to System Pro and Operating Systems, etc.

The Core Difference Between Bachelor of Computer Science (B. Sc CS) And Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA):

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) is an application-oriented programme lay stress on computer application development and latest internet technologies. The course equips students with all aspects of software development from business strategy to design, coding, testing, and the management of large-scale complex software systems. The objective of the BCA programme is to prepare students with a challenging role in the futuristic industry. The course offers high prospective to students who want to make a flourishing career in the IT sector.

Bachelor of Computer Science (B.sc CS) is a concept-oriented education programme. The bachelor degree imparts nitty- gritties of computer programming, algorithm, computer architecture, etc. Unlike BCA, the curriculum of B.sc CS is not updated, thereby students who are pursuing the course will not get knowledge about current trends and technologies used in coding. The course is recommended for those students, who want to make careers in academics.

B. Sc Computer Science vs BCA: Scope, Employment Opportunities and Career Options

B.sc Computer Science lays stress on the fundamental concept of computer science. The course doesn’t impart skills like working with clients, design software according to their need, testing and software documentation. On the other side, BCA is an employment-oriented education programme, the course prepares one to work efficiently in IT companies in different job profiles.

Therefore, in matter of employment opportunities, BCA graduates get advantage over B.sc Computer Science graduates. BCA graduates are ready to work on the platform which they are taught in colleges, on the other side B.sc CS graduates might need further training because it is not an application-oriented course.

BCA graduates are often employed by veteran IT companies like Wipro, TCS, Infosys, HCL and other software companies. Since B.sc CS graduates are not specifically tailor-made for any particular technology, they are often hired by security and surveillance companies, electronic equipment manufacturers, system maintenance consultancies, technical support teams, and banking firms.

B.sc Computer Science vs BCA: Job Profile

B.sc Computer Science:

  • Database Administrator
  • Network Architect
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Network Architect

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

  • Software Developer
  • Software Tester
  • Programmer
  • Network Administrator
  • Web Designer
  • System Manager
  • Game Designer/Tester
  • Computer Support
  • System Specialist
  • System Maintenance

BCA vs. B.Sc. Computer Science, Which Course is Better.

After the discussion of each point meticulously, we can say that if a person wants quick employment opportunities in decent IT companies and serious for higher studies Like MCA, then BCA is a better option than B.sc Computer Science.

Why Choose Mangalayatan University for Bachelor of Computer Application?

  • Computer Science and Engineering department of Mangalayatan University covers the breadth and depth of computer applications. With a strong programming foundation, the high-qualified teaching faculty of the University equips students with imperative IT skills which prepare them for decent employment in top IT companies.
  • The University has state-of-the-art infrastructure for computer science and research on emerging areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning, information security, cryptography and high-performance computing.
  • During three years of BCA education programme students go through rigorous theoretical education and hand-on training across all the core courses in the department through programming assignments, lab tasks, and course-related projects.
  • Computer Science department of the University also conducts research conferences/workshops on state-of-the-art topics to keep students updated.


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