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Biotechnology Courses Importance and Impact in Medical Field and Healthcare sector

Biotechnology is a recently developed research-oriented science which combines technologies with the biological systems & living organisms to develop or make products/processes useful to human beings and for certain beneficial purposes.

For past many decades, biotechnology has been very beneficial in the fields of medical & healthcare, agriculture & farming, dairy, horticulture & floriculture, food processing, energy production, environmental sustainability, chemicals, textiles, industrial manufacturing processes, etc. Consequently, Biotechnology has now become a very popular discipline/subject for higher studies in India and abroad.

In India, developments in this field have been highly significant, and therefore, today India is regarded as being one among the top 12 biotechnology destinations in the world, and the third largest biotechnology hub in the entire Asia Pacific region.

This blog gives sumptuous information about the importance and benefits of biotechnology in medical, healthcare, and other fields, the most popular biotechnology courses in India, the biotechnology courses scope and importance, and admissions to these courses in the country.

Some of the highly significant achievements and benefits made possible by use of biotechnology are the following ---

  • So far, over 250 medicines, vaccines, and healthcare products have been developed using biotechnology to help patients suffering from many curable and incurable diseases. The impact of biotechnology on medical and healthcare sector has been very conspicuous.
  • Through use of agricultural biotechnology, millions of farmers in countries worldwide are now increasing their crop yields, preventing or minimizing crop damages from insects and pests, and reducing the harms to environment due to farming.
  • Scientists are producing biofuels and chemicals from the renewable biomass, to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions.
  • And, numerous improvements and refinements in above-mentioned fields have been well-facilitated by biotechnology for betterment of our lives and making the environment sustainable.

Today in India, the most popular biotechnology courses are the following :

  • B.Sc. (Biotechnology)
  • M.Sc. (Biotechnology)

These courses facilitate progressive employments at varying levels in all above-mentioned fields. For further progress, required will be doctoral courses (MPhil and PhD) in biotechnology or in the specific subfields of this discipline. Prestigious and innovative Mangalayatan University (Aligarh) has been one of the highly-admired universities in the northern India for admissions to these both academic courses in biotechnology.

Set up in 2006, mangalayatan university is duly recognized by UGC and is a dynamic member of AIU. It has all necessary and lavish resources and facilities for offering rather rich & varied and professional education in biotechnology, coupled with practical and industrial training. Guidance for development of professional skills and the placement services are also provided by this one of the hugely famous universities in the north India.

To get detailed information about the bsc biotechnology courses admission or msc biotechnology admission in mangalayatan university, please refer to: https://www.mangalayatan.in/biotechnology-courses-admission-bsc-msc/

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