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B. Tech Information Technology vs. B. Tech Computer Science, Which Programme is Better for Career.

Choosing the right academic course is quite tricky. And when it comes to choosing a better academic course in the field of Computer Science and Information Technology, problem aggravates further. B. Tech Computer Science and B. Tech Information Technology are two academic programmes, which often create dilemmas in student’s mind. Maximum students don’t understand the minute difference between these two programmes; because in matter of syllabus, teaching methodology, and employment opportunities both courses offer almost similar prospects. Therefore, whether you are looking for useful information or just want to understand the scope of IT vs. scopes of Computer Science, this post will certainly decode your dilemma. Through this post, we will focus on each course individually, look at the meticulous differences between two coursesthat will clear your confusion and help you to make an informed decision.

Overview of B. Tech Information Technology:

B. Tech Information Technology or B. Tech in IT is an undergraduate engineering programme of four years which prepares students to devise, develop, execute, support and run computer-based information systems.B. Tech Information technology course covers software and hardware aspects. The entire curriculum of B. TechInformation Technology is focused on coding in higher-level languages like C, C++, java, software development and testing, internet technologies, communication and networking, database systems, etc. The course is highly recommended to those students who wish to know the backend aspects of various computer applications and love to play with computers.

Overview of B. Tech Computer Science:

B. Tech IT or B. Tech in CSE Course is an undergraduate engineering programme of four years, which prepares students to design, implement, and manage information system of software and hardware process. B. Tech Computer Science course lays stress on mathematics, electrical engineering, high-level programming languages, algorithm, data structure, and software architecture.Pursuing the course students go through rigorous theoretical and practical learning, which equips students with cutting-edge technical skills; such as designing software applications, managing network and hardware, writing codes for electrical devices such as printers, scanners, and modems. Besides, the course also covers other aspects such as CAD (computer-assisted design), CAM (computer-assisted manufacturing), world wide web, voice over internet protocol, networking and communications.Nowadays, emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain Technology has broadened the horizon of B. Tech Computer Science course. Therefore, students who have a keen interest in computer programming and mathematics, and they love to solve complicated technical problems using the concept of mathematical algorithm and coding, they should pursue B. Tech Computer Science.

Comparative Analysis:

B. Tech Computer Science:

B. Tech Computer Science programme mainly lay stress on mathematical aspects of computing. The degreecourse helps students to understand nitty gritties of computer software and hardware and impart skills such as the design of individual microprocessors, personal computers, supercomputers, circuit designing, and writing codes.

B. Tech Information Technology:

B. Tech Information Technology programme mainly focuses onthe management of data and information science and less on mathematical aspects. The degree course prepares students to work effectively with clients, analyze, design, develop and test softwarethat could meet their expectations. Besides, this course also prepares students to use various electronic devices and computer software to store, protect, process, transmit, and retrieve the data securely. Generally, an IT engineer is responsible for maintaining the IT infrastructure of the organization, and he/she performs varieties of tasks including installing applications, design and manage complicated computer networks and information databases.

The Difference in Core Area and Courses:

Major curriculum of B. Tech Computer Science:

Mathematics, Semiconductor Devices and circuits, Network Theory, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Data Structure, Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Linear and Digital ICs Applications, Operating Systems, Interfacing through Microprocessors, Theory of Computation, Software Engineering,Robotics, etc.

Major curriculum of B. Tech Information Technology:

The dimension of Information Technology, Basics of Electronics, Engineering Physics and Mathematics, Network Security & Cryptography, Data Mining & Data Warehousing, Artificial Intelligence, Programming Tools & Techniques, Applications of Microprocessor, Management Information Systems, Business Applications of IT, Web Technology, Computer Communication Network, etc.

The Major Difference Between Computer Science and Information Technology:

Simply put, Computer Science is a creation of software and hardware by using programming skills, electrical engineering skills, and mathematical acumen. On the other side, IT is just a selection of proper software and hardware for the task. Allow us to illustrate it by some examples. A laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, Windows Operating Systems, GPS, social networking sites, PayPal, etc. are examples of IT products and services. All these IT products and services are created by Computer Scientist and installed, tested, run, and maintained by IT professionals as well as Engineers from other disciplines.

Primary Job Responsibilities of Computer Scientists Are:

  • Developing computer programming languages like Python, Java, Julia, etc.
  • Development of algorithm.
  • Development of application software like Android, Cloud Computing, MS word and various mobile applications
  • Development of operating systems like Windows 10, Linux, Ubuntu, etc.
  • Programming of computer hardware components.
  • Development of games and computer software development tools like GitHub, Bracket, Linux, etc.

Primary Job Responsibilities of Information Technology professionals Are:

  • Development of application software, according to the requirement of clients.
  • Development of mobile applications like Uber, Ola, Swiggy, and Paytm, etc.
  • Maintenance of computer software and computer network.

B. Tech Information Technology Vs. B. Tech Computer Science, Which Programme is Better for Career.

Assuredly, in matter of higher studies and employment opportunities, there are not many differences between these two courses. But, to make a career in IT any specific education is not mandatory, on the other side engineering degree in computer science certainly unlocks the doors ofgreat careers, which otherwise would not be available. Therefore, in the war of Computer Science vs. Information Technology,B. Tech Computer Science programme is betterfor career.

Why Choose Mangalayatan University for B. Tech Computer Science?

  • Mangalayatan University is home to state-of-the-art infrastructure for learning and academe research. The University is equipped with all modern facilities,which makes the engineering education richly rewarding and wholesome experience.
  • MU’s classroom deploys technology that is cutting-edge to impart a multimedia learning experience to the students. Smart-boards, audio-visuals, PPTs, interactive modules, and also chalk-on-board methodology are used to make the curriculum interesting and engaging.
  • Mangalayatan University has world-class computer labs, robotics labs, and finest infrastructure for research in the emerging areas of computer science like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science; which make it the best private engineering college in north India for B. Tech Computer Science admission.
  • The University library is well stocked with thousands of books, e-books, research papers and journals.


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