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Career Scope of MA Sociology in the 21st Century

Sociology is a comprehensive and beautiful subject; the subject not only unlocks the doors of exciting career opportunities across the globe but also an enjoyable subject. The more you will study Sociology deeply, the more curiosity you will develop to understand society and human behavior. In this 21st century, the career scope of sociology is not limited to teaching and civil service examination, rather a higher degree in Sociology such as MA Sociology prepares you for exciting and well-paid employment opportunities in the global market.

If we define Sociology in a broad sense, then it is not just a subject, it is a world within itself.Sociology is the study of family issues, advantages & disadvantages of marriage, deviance, cause of divorce, criminology, group interaction (study of how people interact in a group), gender roles (study and analyze the role of different genders), sexuality, public policy, development studies, aging, social inequalities, etc. Study of Sociology also imparts sound understanding of the function of society and the impact of sociological change on the individual. Different subjects like History, Economics, Psychology, Political Science, and Anthropology contributes to the study of sociology.

The duration of MA Sociology is two years, and a person who takes MA Sociology Admission, he/she studies about Sociological Theories and Concepts, Research Methodologies in Sociology, Sociology of Development, Sociology in India, Democracy and Development of India, Sociology of Education, Diaspora and Transnational Communities, Sociology of Religion and Urban Sociology, etc.

How MA Sociology Prepares Students for Today’s Global Job Market?

MA Sociologylays stress onfinding solutions to complex questions through research, data analysis, and high-level critical thinking. Besides, the postgraduation degree in Sociology developsan array of practical skills in students that are valuable to many industries. Below are some top learning outcomes of MA Sociology that prepare students for today’s global job market.

  • MA Sociology develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills of students. Sociology students are proficient in doing research and survey, collecting data, analysis of data, and come up with valuable insights.
  • MA Sociology degree develops the leadership skills of students.
  • The theories in Sociology are based on research, and because of that students are exposed to research methods to a greater degree than most liberal arts students.
  • The curriculum of MA sociology is based on data and research, thereby students acquire a highlevel of computer literacy.
  • The course develops interpersonal and cross-cultural skills in students, thereby they are proficient to interact with other people, no matter what is their background.

The Eligibility Criteria for MA Sociology:

Students who have completed graduation in any stream with 45% marks from any recognized University/ College, they are eligible for MA Sociology admission.

The Career Scope of MA Sociology:

  • Upon completion of MA Sociology, students can appear in prestigious government exams like UPSC, with Sociology as an optional subject.
  • Students of Sociology have great knowledge of society, thereby they can get employment opportunities as a survey researcher and market researcher.
  • If a person wants to make career in teaching, he/she can appear in the exam like UGC NET, and after qualifying the exam they can work as a lecturer/professor in Indian Universities/ Colleges.
  • Sociology postgraduate students can get employment opportunities as Policy Analysts, the job responsibility of a Social Policy analyst is to analyze the social issues and suggest recommendations to address those issues.
  • There isa great demand forSociology postgraduates in the print and electronic media.
  • There is also option of working as a subject matter expert/ content writer.
  • MA Sociology degree also allows a person to make a rewarding career as a Management Consultant and Human Resource Specialist.

Why Choose Mangalayatan University for MA Sociology?

  • Mangalayatan University is one of the best private colleges in north India for MA Sociology Admission. In the sphere of academic education, the University has produced intellectual scholars.
  • The University lays stress on uplifting the critical thinking and problem-solving skills of students.
  • The lectures in classes are based on the intellectual discussion on real social issues, case studies on different social issues, and data analysis.
  • The University offers an excellent academic environment to students and the teaching faculty of the University guide students to crack competitive examinations like USPC and UGC-NET.


Why Mangalayatan University is the best college for MA Sociology?

High-qualified teaching faculty, high-quality education, and excellent academic infrastructure make Mangalayatan University the best college for MA Sociology.

How to Contact MU-Aligarh for MA Sociology admission?

For MA Sociology admission, student can directly call or WhatsApp at +91-9359-555-555 or Apply Online at https://www.mangalayatan.in/online-application-form/

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