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Difference Between Fine Arts, Visual Arts and Performing Arts Courses

Art has been an inseparable part of our lives since time immemorial. Anything which is appealing to our senses or/and is thought-provoking may be said an art. Arts can encompass a rather wide range of human activities and the products of such activities. Broadly, the arts can be classified into the following major categories: -

  • Fine Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • Performing Arts

This concise blog gives brief introduction to these all types of arts, differences among these, and admissions to the courses related with these in India, especially in the northern India.

The Fine Arts  course are those artistic/creative arts which are created by the artists mainly for appreciating and enjoying the loveliness of the nature or the things belonging to the nature. Imaginativeness, aesthetics,

meaningfulness, or intellectual pleasures are the inherent and salient features of the fine arts. The simplest examples of the fine arts are drawing, painting, sculpting, graphics, and so on.

But now, the hugely popularity of the fine arts has also encompassed some other types of arts or activities, which are termed as the Visual Arts. Some most prominent types of visual arts are the following --- photography, video making, sculpture, ceramics, architecture, poetry & literature, pottery making, jewelry designing, woodwork, crafting of metals, printmaking, filmmaking, movies, decorative handicrafts, etc. People engaged in the fields of fine arts and visual arts are generically termed as being artists.

On the other hand, the Performing Arts are those arts which are performed using certain talents/skills by the performers before the public audience. The most common examples of performing arts are dancing, singing, or acting. Some other examples of performing arts are drama, music, opera, magic or illusion performances, oratory, mime, recitation, musical theater, etc. The people who are active in the field of performing arts are generically called as performers (and not artists).

The foregoing serves for making difference between fine arts & visual arts and the performing arts, for informational help to the readers. Additionally, one broad distinction may also be made as the following :- for fine arts and visual arts, the artists use paint, canvas, and other materials to create the art objects; on the other hand, for the performing art, a performer uses his/her voice or specific bodily gestures to present artistic expressions or entertain the audience.

Courses Offered by Mangalayatan University's Department of Fine Arts and Visual Performing Art

Prestigious, discerning, and innovative Mangalayatan University (Aligarh) conducts a wide range of high-quality and prolific courses in fine arts, visual arts, and the performing arts, to help the interested students and artists & performers. After completing these courses, which are offered at varying academic levels, the students are able to get progressive and well-paying jobs in the fields of academia, advertising, media & entertainment industries, graphics and animation, drama houses and theaters, music videos & video games, fabric industries, and film production houses.

The Department of Visual and Performing Arts, which is a very important academic departments of a broader faculty division of the university, named as the Faculty of Humanities, at present conducts the following courses in these fields ---

  • The diploma in fine arts (D.F.A) - 1 Year Program
  • The diploma in animation - 1 Year Program
  • The diploma in digital arts - 1 Year Program
  • The bridge course in fine arts - 1 Year Program
  • The bachelor of fine arts (B.F.A) - 4 Year Program
  • 6The master of fine arts (M.F.A) - 2 Year Program
  • And, the doctoral courses of M.Phil. and Ph.D. in these fields.

Currently, the BFA admisison and MFA courses are offered in the areas of painting, applied arts, instrumental music, and the vocal music. Soon many other areas and many new courses in these disciplines will be started by the mangalayatan university (MU), to meet the ever-growing demands of students, artists, and performers located in the northern India, other regions of the country, and many foreign countries. To know about the admission open in fine arts and visual and performing arts at Mangalayatan University (MU), please call/WhatsApp at +91-9359-555-55.

The syllabus of each of all above-mentioned courses is comprehensive and profession-oriented, and the teaching and training are provided by well-experienced and renowned teaching faculties in their respective fields. Guidance for development of professional skills and career is also offered to the pursuing students.

For Admission in Fine Arts and Visual & Performing Arts Courses in MU:

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