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How A Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) Degree can Accelerate your Career?

A Bachelor of Technology Degree (B. Tech Degree) is much more extensive and in-depth as compared to a diploma in any particular discipline of engineering. Hence, the B.Tech. degree in the concerned engineering stream is undoubtedly the most suitable and fertile degree for forging ahead in the relevant industry in India or any country abroad. Again, the b.tech course must be sufficiently rich in curriculum as well as supported by necessary practical and industrial training, in order to make the pursuing candidate duly employable and progressive. Then, for further career growth required will be current information related with concerned industry, including the latest technologies used, growth trends, and future scenarios. Support of senior professionals and industry experts will also be required from time to time for prospering steadily in one's professional career. Later on, the technocrat can thrive fast based on his/her work-experience, competency, hard work, and further higher education in the discipline. Thus, in a nutshell, an affluent and employment-friendly b.tech degree taken from any well-resourced and prestigious university/institute is certainly highly elegant for accelerating one's career in the concerned field/industry.

Ambitiously well-founded and prestigious Mangalayatan University, which is located adjacent to the city of Aligarh (Uttar Pradesh), is one such widely renowned university particularly in the northern India for such superlative and propelling engineering degrees in various hugely popular disciplines. More information about its B.Tech courses in many different engineering disciplines, along with the btech courses scope, is exclusively provided under the lowest section of this blog.

Current Scenario of B.Tech Degree Education in India

At present, though India is one of the largest producers of engineers in the world, it is still suffering from the shortage of high-quality engineering education and proper industrial and professional trainings. Consequently, the majority of its engineering graduates have poor employability. This fact is also supported by a study performed by 'Aspiring Minds' (an employability assessment company) in 2017, which concluded that about 95% of India's engineers were not fit for jobs in software development. Such an astonishing report was also published by McKinsay about a decade ago, stating that just about one quarter of the engineers in India were actually employable then. Thus, to improve the current scenarios in India's engineering education, its substandard engineering education and training must be replaced by high-quality education of international standards. Prestigious and innovative Mangalayatan University of Aligarh is well-equipped and dedicated to offer such ace-quality engineering education in various hugely popular engineering disciplines, as it has been doing for decades.

The main reason for the low to substandard quality of engineering education in India has been the fast growth of low-quality engineering colleges in entire India for past many decades. These deficient and incompetent engineering colleges & institutes are in addition to the IITs, NITs, and other highly prestigious universities and institutions (conducting courses in engineering & technology, and applied engineering & sciences) of national and international prestige. Today, the majority of big and booming companies prefer to employ engineering graduates from these renowned institutions or require high GATE scores. The consequent results of the low employability of engineering graduates in India may be seen in the ever-increasing number of seats remaining vacant in a large fraction of private engineering colleges, and in the closure of over 100 low-quality engineering colleges every year in entire India, caused by the declining magnitude of engineering admissions and stricter rules of AICTE. According to the AICTE, around 75000 engineering seats remain vacant every year in entire India; around 150 engineering colleges get closed annually; and less than half of the engineering graduates of the country find jobs through campus placements. As per a new rule of AICTE, engineering colleges which lack proper infrastructure and get less than 30% admissions for the five consecutive years, will have to be shut down.

How is Mangalayatan University Giving Strength to Engineering and Technology Industry, and Which Streams are covered by its B.Tech Courses?

A widely famous university of the north India, fast-paced and innovative Mangalayatan University (MU) of Aligarh has been conducting ace-quality and fully professional courses in engineering & technology in many hugely popular engineering streams at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels. Meritorious students belonging to nearby States and other States across India have been harnessing these courses of international standards and fast employability. So far, the proactive, well-connected, and responsible Training & Placement (T&P) Cell of MU has placed lavishly its numerous highly talented and innovative engineering graduates in over 300 companies located in India and abroad. Set up in 2006, visionary MU is duly recognized by UGC, has been a dynamic member of AIU, and has bolstered promising academic collaborations with numerous Indian and foreign universities and institutions, the majority being well-established in India, China, and Canada. Again, a large number of its engineering faculties and research scholars have published their enlightening and innovative research papers in many journals and magazines of national and international fame, so far, besides attending many engineering seminars and conferences in entire India. MU has been recognized as the "most promising engineering institute in Uttar Pradesh" by the Ranking 2019 of the Jagran New Media.

As far as the B.Tech. courses are concerned, MU at present offers affluent and employment-boosting b.tech in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science engineering, and electronics and communication engineering; many new streams will soon be included. Btech admission open in Mangalayatan University, The engineering courses of MU are well-supported by state-of-the-art laboratories, computers & IT facilities, relevant latest technologies, well-stocked libraries, workshops & industrial training resources, training & placement (T&P) cell, and a well-structured mentorship program, in addition to top-notch theoretical knowledge and updated industry information. Compact and 3-year b.tech lateral entry courses are also conducted in above-mentioned engineering streams. Also, to help ambitious students, its center for development of personality & professional skills and career guidance, provides well-rounded guidance regarding the career after bachelor of technology and subsequent career growth. Lastly, for higher education after btech, well-equipped MU has also been a prominent and perfect choice in the northern India.

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