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Is it Worth Doing MBA Dual Specialization after Engineering (B.Tech or B.E.)?

It is a student’s dream to get a B.Tech degree. But wait! Is that all you aspired for? B.E. or B.Tech degree may get you a decent job but what about the growth in your career? You always wanted to sit on the other side of the table. You always wanted to be a team leader. Isn’t it? If that’s so, you need MBA Dual Specialization course after Engineering, my friend. It is a new trend that most of the teenagers opt for.

With MBA Dual Specialization you easily qualify the criteria to be an administrator. Whether you want to be an entrepreneur or a manger, you need to possess administrative knowledge with a conventional technical degree. A very long experience in the field of engineering may earn you the same but, are you ready to wait for that long? B.E. or B.tech course and administrative degree combined with youthful energy can do miracles. You can exactly achieve that in your youth, which people dream of in their middle age.

Careers Prospects in MBA Dual Specialization after B.E. or B. tech:

  • The number of jobs generated in engineering is less than the number of engineering graduates pass out every year. So MBA Dual Specialization is a safe career path.
  • MBA Dual Specialization graduates get better salaries as compared to B.E. or B. Tech graduates.
  • It is unique course so students with MBA Dual Specialization are in high demand.
  • You make a start from a higher position.

Why Mangalayatan University for MBA Dual Specialization after B.E. or B.tech?

Mangalyatan University is the leader in the field of education, and the best management programmes college in Delhi NCR and Aligarh, UP, because of its state-of-the-art faculty. It is among the top MBA Universities in India. Its in-campus facilities not only educate you but turns you into an all-rounded professional. It is always updated with the upcoming demands of the industry and keeps students updated with latest courses. Traditional knowledge should always be ready to embrace changes, we at Mangalayatan University understand it fully. Our MBA Dual Specialization after B. tech is a well-knit web of skills and practical knowledge. It will turn you into a demanded professional . We also offer lucrative scholarships for the deserving candidates and splendid in-campus recruitments.

M.B.A.-Dual Specialization (HR/ Finance/ Marketing/ International Business)

Eligibility: 50% Marks in Graduation
Duration: 2 Years
Admission Criteria: University Entrance Exam(MUEE)/Any National/State Entrance Examination& PI
Admission Helpline: Direct Call/WhatsApp: 9359-555-555 Toll Free : 1800-274-400,

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