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MBA Hospital Administration Degree Unlocks the Doors of Five Promising Careers

The Indian healthcare market is witnessing phenomenal growth forthe last one decade. Heavy Foreign Direct Investment and the Government’s encouraging policy are enhancing the productivity of the Indian Healthcare industry.

Resultant, now India is emerging as a leader in the sphere of the healthcare industry. Government statistics interprets that the healthcare sector of the country will surpass the figure of Rs 8.6 trillion (US$ 133.44 billion) by 2022.The Government of India is also planning to increase public health spending to 2.5% of the country's GDP by 2025.

The above statistics clearly explainsthe bright future of the Indian healthcare industry. Due to the remarkable growth in the hospital industry in India, there is a great demand for dexterous hospital management professionals, MBA Hospital Administration is a popular course in the sphere of the hospital industry. The duration of the course is two years and the objective of the course is to prepare dexterous hospital management professionals, who can organize, coordinate, plan, evaluate, and control the health services efficiently. Hospital managers/ administrators play pivotal role in the smooth functioning of a hospital; with excellent management skills, decision-making skills, and problem-solving skills they maintain the reputation and working of hospitals.

A Hospital administrator manages all internal affairs of hospitals. After completing MBA Hospital Administration course, a person can find employment opportunities in community hospitals, group medical practices, outpatient clinics, hospices, and rehabilitation centres. One side the job responsibility of Hospital administrators is very challenging because they directly deal with patients and people, on the other side they get a decent PayPacket and serve mankind.

The Eligibility Criteria for MBA Hospital Administration:

Person who has completed graduation in any stream with 50% marks from any recognized University, he/she is eligible for MBA Hospital Administration admission.

Five Promising Careers after MBA Hospital Administration:

Healthcare Finance Manager:

Upon completion of MBA Hospital Management course, a person can find employment opportunities as a Healthcare Finance Manager. It is a highly rewarding, secure, and well-paid profession. A Healthcare Finance Manager overseesthe day-to-day financial activities of hospitals and also responsible for budgeting, financial planning, financial analysis, and reporting of daily financial activities.

Medical and Health Service Management:

After completing MBA Hospital Administration course, person can find employment opportunities as a Medical and Health Service Manager. A Medical and Health Service Manager plans, direct, and coordinateshealthcare service provider to ensure timely and efficient delivery of all the services.

Hospital Administrators:

A Hospital Administrator ensures theefficiency of the hospital. He/she makes sure that the hospital runs smoothly and patients receive timely treatment.

HR Recruiter:

One can make a promising career as an HR Recruiter in the hospital industry. An HR recruiter is responsible for recruiting new staff including nurses, doctors, assistants at hospitals, blood banks, and medical clinics.The job responsibility of HR is not limited to recruitment only, also maintain a healthy atmosphere at the workplace and also ensure the staff abides all the rules and regulations.

Blood Bank Administrator:

The job responsibility of Blood bank administrators isthe evaluation of inventory and coordinate all operational functions of a blood bank.

Why Choose Mangalayatan University for MBA Hospital Administration:

  • Mangalayatan University is one of the best private colleges in north India for MBA Hospital Administration admission. The University offers a world-class learning atmosphere and infrastructure to MBA Hospital administration students.
  • The rigorous and cutting-edge curriculum of the MBA Hospital Administration prepares qualified healthcare managers.
  • Besides the core curriculum, the qualified teaching faculty of the University imparts data analytic skills through computer programming languages like R and Python.
  • The University also organizes guest lectures, conferences, and workshops on Hospital administration.


Why Mangalayatan University is the best college for MBA Hospital Administration?

A cutting-edge curriculum, excellent learning atmosphere, and active placement cell make Mangalayatan University the best college for MBA Hospital Administration.

How to Contact MU-Aligarh for MBA Hospital Administration admission?

For MBA Hospital Administration admission, students can directly call or WhatsApp at +91-9359-555-555 or Apply Online at https://www.mangalayatan.in/online-application-form/

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