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Top 10 Benefits of Pursuing Journalism and Mass Communication Degree


The media & communication sector is expanding fantastically in the modern world. This sector has seen impressive growth in a few industries recently, including broadcast, filmmaking, advertisement, print advertising, music, the internet, and many more. For people who are interested in a niche industry and wish to choose it as their career, journalism and mass communication course degrees provide a diverse range of chances for the next generation.

Therefore, this is the ideal time to join the media and entertainment profession. That sounds intriguing, right? Read the blog if the answer is yes!

Before deciding what would perform finest for you, a few of the most significant advantages have been described here.

What is Journalism and Mass Communication?

The study of mass media and communication has developed recently into a notion that impacts practically every facet of daily life and is only partially interactive. The study of journalism and mass communication is becoming more and more popular. This is due to the sheer number of media that has entered our lives through magazines, radio, and the internet.

What exactly is journalism and mass communication then?

Let us discuss this now!

Journalism is the process of obtaining, analysing, producing, and conveying news and information. It involves writing on recent events.

We learn about them, whether it is the most recent international news or information on the latest business trends around the world. Technology and the media are solely responsible for this. Hence, the study of disseminating information to an extensive audience via various forms of communication is known as mass communication.

Due to their depth of industry knowledge, journalism and mass communication course offer unrivalled academic and practical experience. In addition to fostering innate qualities of enthusiasm and creativity, the course framework aids in the creation and development of industry-oriented skill sets.

Before deciding let us take a quick look at some of the benefits of enrolling in this fascinating journalism and mass communication course.

Benefits of Pursuing Journalism and Mass Communication Degree

The benefits of this profession include social status, freedom to travel and experience different cultures, global networking, glam, creativity, and competency work. Having access to locations that are off-limits to most people also provides you with a distinctive outlook on the world.

For those who wants to see themselves separate from the throng, there are many prospects in journalism and mass communication. After all, in this sector, your creativity's uniqueness propels you to higher altitudes.

Listed below are some benefits to help you understand:

Your communication skills will improve

A course in Journalism and Mass Communication requires you to express your thoughts, ideas and feeling in front of strangers or new people. When reporting or anchoring, a journalist is required to engage with new faces and speak fluently in their native tongue. You will interact with both media organisations and regular citizens while working in public relations, therefore you must be able to work well with others. To put it simply, this course helps you become a more assured media professional by increasing your vocabulary, boosting your confidence, and sharpening your communication abilities.

No previous experience is required

This course assists you in getting exposure without any prior experience. You get the freedom to work on different stories and it allows you to utilise their imaginative abilities. Along with your daily job responsibilities, there may be opportunities for you to travel, explore, and make money. You can even start as a newbie right after your graduation. Regardless of your background, this field is accessible to everyone who wants to change careers or begin a new one.

You can work on challenging and exciting projects

Studying media and journalism focuses on how society is changing and progressing. It is a field that offers both difficulties and excitement. It will allow you to interview famous personalities and celebrities.

While covering any news or events, you will be expected to broadcast live from the scene. Take local news coverage as an example; you will be required to be present where the event is happening. It is fascinating, but it is also challenging because you must report what you see. You must be proactive and finish assignments on schedule in this industry. At times, you might be able to dodge every obstacle, but such instances will teach you how to handle obstacles in the future.

Your power of creativity increases

Journalism and Mass communication is one among the many creative fields. You can develop your creative ability by pursuing a degree in journalism or mass communication. You learn the principles of aesthetics and how to apply them to your work. You learn how to employ artistic freedom and creativity to form your concepts and address problems.

For instance, if you are drafting an ad copy, you must utilise your imagination to come up with ingenious ideas, visuals and content. Additionally, this area is bursting with creative opportunities like photography, cinematography, and video editing, all of which require creativity. Therefore, to thrive, you must put up a lot of creative efforts.

Multiple career options

Having a wide range of abilities and information can help you succeed in this industry. Many individuals think that taking a journalism and mass communication education means you must work exclusively as a reporter or for a television network. The reality, however, is different.

Once you assess your interests, a wide selection of professional opportunities awaits. You can seek employment in publications like newspapers and magazines, radio stations, production companies, and public relations agencies to launch your career. For instance, if you want a career in advertising, you can create and develop ideas for companies to market their offerings and services. As an alternative, if you like to write, you might choose blogging or content writing.

Maintains an excellent social life

Journalism and mass communication, as the name implies, is a field that is highly concerned with societal advancement. Therefore, earning a degree in journalism or mass communication will not only enhance your social life but also give you tremendous power and influence over society.

As you will examine people, interview people, write about people and interact with a new community, the course, therefore, encourages you to be equipped for social situations. And everyone knows to be social, effective communication is the key component. In addition to teaching, your certain soft skills that will aid in maintaining excellent public relations, this course covers the fundamentals of public relations.

For instance, if you need to advertise your channel or want readers for your content, you need to be sociable. Therefore, mass communication will assist you in upholding positive interpersonal relationships, which would be beneficial in many facets of life. Overall, the course helps you become more socially adept.

Up to date with lots of news and applications

Fresh news reigns supreme in the media sector. Nowadays, most businesses want their workforce to have access to the most cutting-edge tools and technologies. Therefore, for the expansion of the company you are working at, you must stay updated, understand how to boost production and learn how to use the necessary tools.

Consider, if you work as a journalist, breaking news drives everything you do. Similarly, when writing news, you must be knowledgeable about both the intricacies of your subject and global current events. Additionally, due to digitalization, those that have a solid understanding of emerging advancements will be able to reach their intended audience and thrive.

Various Subjects for Study and Profession

Several dual honours degrees in media studies are typically available, allowing you to advance your study of two different academic disciplines or blend a cultural education with another of your interests. It is irrelevant that you cannot pursue another specialization or career path while studying journalism and mass communication. Instead, this sector opens you a wide range of options for your future research or professional growth. You might switch to writing, filmmaking, photography, or even video editing.

As a result, you can opt for any profession you aspire. You can launch your own business, work as a public relations specialist, a writer, and many other professions. Therefore, taking a journalism and mass communication course will benefit both your career and personal development.

Plentiful practical exposure and adventure

Mass communication and journalism is indeed the right fields for you if you do not want to have a 9 to 5 job but want some excitement and adventure in your line of work. With the help of this course, students will be able to travel various destinations, see the realm from the standpoint of a reporter or filmmaker and cover a variety of stories and events. Additionally, it allows the student the liberty to exercise all their creative capabilities. In this field, no working method allows the learner the opportunity to experiment and develop their working style.

For instance, if you want to be a journalist, you must be adaptable to cover breaking events as soon as feasible. Unlike 9 to 5 clerical jobs, you will have to travel and investigate a lot.

Power and Fame

According to the proverb, "The Pen is mightier than the Sword," a journalist can persuade a sizable audience with his ideas and innovative writing style. As a dynamic journalist, you may serve as the people's voice and can direct billions of individuals at once.

Next in the row is “fame.” People aspire to be famous. Various glam and glittery events serve as a gateway to celebs, leaders, and others. Meeting renowned and well-known people is a possibility if you pursue a journalism and mass communication degree.


Media professionals hold excellent jobs with competitive salaries. Opportunities like freelancing in media and communication can help newcomers advance quickly. There are more opportunities for job advancement due to the rising need for social media managers.

A variety of professions, including news anchor, columnist, media analyst, radio jockey, social media manager, and public relations officer, may provide students with lucrative career opportunities and decent remuneration.


In the eyes of the media, the world is a blank canvas that can be painted in any colour using modern tools. The best motivation to pursue journalism and mass communication is the ease with which our lives are organised into several engagements. A degree in journalism or mass communication gives you the chance to work for or with imaginative, intelligent people who motivate you to succeed. There are constantly job openings in the sphere of mass media, which is expanding. While working, one experiences recognition, glory, and prosperity, as well as travel.

Therefore, we cordially invite you to Mangalayatan University in Aligarh to take part in cutting-edge education with world-class amenities.

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