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What is Physiotherapy? And How Bachelor of Physiotherapy Can Amplify Your Career?

What is Physiotherapy? Physiotherapy course is one of the oldest methods that focus on exercise, massage, and other modalities to treat patients who suffer from several physical ailmentsdue to aging, injury, disease, or environmental factors.Person who is Physiotherapist, he/she is proficient in anatomical and musculoskeletal knowledge, and treat patients adopting different methods including exercise, massage, stretching, and medication.

Now due to an unbalanced lifestyle,people face common muscular-skeletal problems such as backache, stiff shoulders, and neck, osteoarthritis knee, etc. In curing such health issues, the physiotherapist works with the mainstream doctors. In a matter of employment opportunities and higher studies, physiotherapy offers immense opportunities that one can leverage it to become a successful physiotherapist.

There is a great demand of skilled physiotherapists is not only in India, rather people can go abroad and flourish in their careers. Notable thing is that in India people are still not aware of the scope and prospects of the profession, thereby competition in this field is not so fierce like anotherfield, which is a positive sign for those who are interested in this field and want to make a successful career.

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) is 4½ years undergraduate academic course (including internship of 6 months). After Bachelor of Physiotherapy admission,during the four years, student studies about the anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, exercise therapy, psychology, electrotherapy, research methodology & biostatistics, orthopedics & traumatology, orthopedics and sports physiotherapy, cardio-respiratory & general physiotherapy, neurology & neurosurgery, and neuro-physiotherapy, etc. The objective of the course is to provide a thorough understanding of human anatomy and the intricacies of bones, muscles, and nerves. Besides, the course provides core skills like manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, and the application of electro physical modalities, to the prospective students.

Eligibility Criteria for Bachelor of Physiotherapy:

Students who have completed 10+2 in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology/ Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics with 50% marks from any recognized board/ institute, they are eligible for Bachelor of Physiotherapy admission.

The Career Scope of Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT):

After completing Bachelor of Physiotherapy course, there is no dearth of opportunities. The degree course in physiotherapy allows a person to add “Doctor” with his/her name as a suffix with “P.T”. Below is some great career scope of BPT.

  • A physiotherapist can get decent employment opportunities in hospitals, nursing homes, residential homes, rehabilitation centers, private offices such as private practices or private clinics, etc.
  • There is a great demand of Physiotherapists in primary health care centers, fitness centers or health clubs, occupational health centers, special schools, and senior citizen centers, etc.
  • Some top-notch brands like Mammoth Resorts USA, Taj Blue Diamond, Sun & Sands, Ambassador Ajanta, Magarpata club & Resorts offer lucrative PayPacket to students.
  • Compare to India, Physiotherapists have better scope in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada. And in these countries compensation packages for physiotherapists are also attractive.

Why Choose Mangalayatan University for Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT)?

  • Mangalayatan University is one of the best private university in India for Bachelor of Physiotherapy admission. The University is committed to prepare skilled physiotherapists who can deliver excellent services to patient care.
  • The BPT department of the University is fully equipped with cutting-edge laboratories and classrooms.
  • The University focuses on problem-based learning and innovative education strategies to make the education curriculum interesting.
  • The BPT course of the University not only imparts Physiotherapy knowledge but also the course is underpinned by relevant biomedical and behavioral sciences.


Why Mangalayatan University is the best college for Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT)?

The entire curriculum of Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) at Mangalayatan University is student-friendly and focuses on practical learning. Thereby, students learn things practically, realize the importance of course which helps them to make a successful career.

How to Contact MU-Aligarh for Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) admission?

For Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) admission, student can directly call or WhatsApp at +91-9359-555-555 or Apply Online at https://www.mangalayatan.in/online-application-form/

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