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What is the Difference between B.Sc and B.Sc Honours Degrees?

Both B.Sc. (General or Pass) and the B.Sc. (Honours) are hugely popular undergraduate courses in sciences. Again, at most of the Indian universities and institutes, each of these courses takes a duration of three years. Also, the syllabus of each of these two courses is almost the same, differ only the approach of learning and career aims. This concise blog highlights the main difference between B.Sc and B.Sc honours degrees/courses, and also gives information about admissions to each of these courses in NCR.

In general, the following are the major differences between b.sc (general) and the b.sc (hons) at most of the institutes and universities located across India: ---

    • The B.Sc. (General) is generally considered as being an ordinary bachelor’s degree in science, which is basically designed to offer the undergoing students a broad foundation necessary for a science-based career, with a special focus on multidisciplinary learning. This b.sc (general) course offers specialization in no any science subject, but gives a strong foundation knowledge in various science subjects/segments like physics, chemistry, mathematics, botany, zoology, and other life sciences.
    • The course of B.Sc. (Hons) aims at providing an advanced and specialized theoretical and research skills in the chosen science subject, along with an overall knowledge in the sciences, in order to provide to the students a strong platform for an advanced academic or professional career. Academically, b.sc (hons) is regarded as being a more standard degree as compared to b.sc (general). Prestigious universities may also demand a rigorous dissertation from every student for completion of the B.Sc. (Hons) course.
    • In respect of job prospects, the b.sc (hons) is considered more productive and beneficial than a normal b.sc (general) degree, and therefore, employers often give preference to b.sc (hons) over the b.sc (general).

Which is the Best Course for Students B.Sc Or B.Sc Hons?

In general, the B.Sc (Hons) is considered superior to the general B.Sc., both academically and professionally. However, selection of bsc or bsc hons course, may also depend upon the aims and career prospects of the student.

    • If the student desires to make a detailed study in any of the main sciences (physics, chemistry, mathematics, etc.), then the course of B.Sc. (Hons) is more suitable. On the other hand, if a student just wants to have a multidisciplinary and balanced learning in sciences, then, B.Sc. (general) is preferable.
    • Again, the course of b.sc (hons) is most suited and preferred when a student has high career ambitions, particularly in the scientific research and innovations. This specialized undergraduate course in sciences is highly elegant for enhancing employability of the pursuing students across a broad range of careers in the science-related fields (such as academia, corporate & business, professions & services, scientific research, law, marketing, etc.).

Prosperous Mangalayatan University (MU), which is at present one of the most famous universities in NCR and northern India, conducts both these very popular science courses at undergraduate level. Located near Aligarh city in Uttar Pradesh, this visionary university was set up in 2006 and is a duly recognized university by UGC. Boosted by its association with AIU, MU conducts ace-quality and employment-friendly B.Sc. (General) and B.Sc. (Hons) courses of international standards.

Its affluent academic infrastructure, hostel facilities, veteran and renowned teaching faculties, well-equipped laboratories, hi-fi computer center, well-stocked libraries, practical & industrial training facilities, etc., make its science courses at undergraduate to doctoral levels superlative and highly sought-after in the north India and beyond.

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