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What is the Difference between Hotel Management and Hospitality Management?

The broad tourism & hospitality industry/sector encompasses both the hotel industry and the hospitality industry. Today, the tourism & hospitality sector is one of the highly significant economic sectors in any well-developed or fast developing country, inevitably including fast-paced India. This ever-growing sector contributes over 10% to the global GDP, along with employing a massive number of professionals, executives, and administrative & sportive staff. The paragraphs below, offer concise but sumptuous information about the hotel and hospitality industries, difference between hotel management and hospitality management, and the various jobs and career options available after completing courses in these fields in India and abroad. Moreover, the lower section contains very beneficial information about the qualities of diverse courses conducted by prestigious Mangalayatan University (Aligarh) of North India in service to both these industries.

The term hotel management admission is mainly concerned with the efficient and impeccable management of all various operations & activities of a hotel or a lodging-related public establishment. Thus, a course in hotel management teaches the management techniques applicable to the various operations of such an establishment, like administration, housekeeping, catering, maintenance, marketing, etc. Hence, hotel management focuses primarily on managing all aspects related with the proper functioning of a hotel or hotel industry.

On the other hand, the Tourism and Hospitality Program is all about flawless and satisfying administration and management of any of the diverse industries encompassed by the hospitality sector. The various industries or segments covered by the hospitality sector are the following --- Hotels, Restaurants, and Resorts; Travel & Tourism; Events Management; Relaxation Industry; Food & Beverages Industry; etc. Thus, the hospitality management equips the students with necessary knowledge and skills for hospitality administration in the concerned industry/segment of the broad hospitality sector.

Again, since the hospitality management covers a wide range of industries, it offers abundant career opportunities to the students/professionals at varying hierarchic levels, including the posts of hotel/restaurant manager, events manager, executive chef, accommodation manager, catering manager, casino manager, and so on. However, after completing a diploma or bachelor’s degree in hotel management, accessible are jobs only in the hotel domain such as hotel/resort manager, catering or housekeeping staff, and so on. Lastly, it is generally seen that in the hospitality sector, even the entry-level jobs pay well; and in the hotel industry, the salaries of professionals grow with increasing experience.

Why Should Students Consider MU for Hotel and Tourism & Hospitality Management Courses?

Steadily prospering and highly renowned Mangalayatan University (MU), which is an eminent university in the northern India with its prominence expanding fast nationwide and internationally, conducts many top-notch and professional courses in both the fields of hotel management and the hospitality management. Pursuable after (10+2) standard, these courses are the following ---

  • Diploma in Hotel Management – DHM (duration – 1.5 years)
  • Bachelor in Hotel Management -BHM (duration – 3 years)
  • Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality/Culinary Arts (duration – 1 year)
  • Advanced Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality/Culinary Arts (duration – 2 years)
  • Bachelor of Vocation (B.VoC) in Tourism & Hospitality/Culinary Arts (duration – 3 years)

These highly admired courses are expertly conducted by its Department of Tourism & Hospitality Management, which was established in 2023. The curriculum of each of all above-noted courses is rich & comprehensive but compact, and up-to-date with the modern requirements in the concerned industries. In addition to theoretical knowledge, practical and industrial training is also facilitated by the university, along with guidance for development of personality and professional career. Visionary MU was established in 2006 and is a duly recognized university by UGC. Again, its membership with AIU helps the university in making its various courses in almost all very popular professional disciplines of international standards. Lastly, its Training and Placement Cell (T&P Cell) is highly efficient and responsible, with promising contacts and rapport with over 300 companies, MNCs, firms, and organizations located in India and abroad. These all impressive features of the hotel and hospitality management courses of MU make these hugely popular and famous in the northern India and beyond.

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