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Why are Careers in Pharma Trending ?

At present, the pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India and other rapidly developing countries of the world, including the BRICS countries. According to industry experts, the size of the global pharma industry is strongly expected to reach the level of $ one trillion by the year 2022, and the continent of Asia will be accounting for around 65% of the total global sales in the pharmaceutical industry. As far as the Indian pharmaceutical industry is concerned, it ranks third in the Global Pharma Index. Hence, the careers in pharmacy course industry are now rather bright, fast-progressive, and well-paying in India, Asia, and other fast-developing countries worldwide.

In general, the following are the most significant factors for rapid expansion and growth of the pharmaceuticals sector in India and abroad in coming years ---

  • Constantly getting refined medications to a rather wide range of existing diseases
  • Regular discoveries of many new ailments and diseases every coming year
  • The need to curb the rising cost of healthcare
  • Intense competition among pharma companies at regional, national, and international levels
  • And, fast emerging markets (such as BRICS) for the existing as well as new pharmaceutical drugs and products.

The above-mentioned growth drivers in the pharma industry of India or abroad imperatively necessitate the following --- employment of highly talented and innovative pharma professionals at varying hierarchic levels; highly qualified and research scientists to meet the requirements of new research avenues in the sector of pharmaceuticals; and cost-effective production and diversification of pharma products to cater to the existing and new markets. The foregoing explains the affluence of career options after pharma programs at different academic levels.

Which Pharma Courses Mangalayatan University Offers to Indian and Foreign Students?

As Mangalayatan University is a visionary and fast-progressing university in the northern India, it does duly consider all above-noted scenarios and requirements (existing and emerging) of the pharmaceuticals sector of India and abroad, and consequently, it conducts top-notch and highly professional pharma courses at varying academic levels. It has also been observed that the number of students pursuing pharma programs in india, grows every year by over 25%. Also, India is at present one of the largest exporters of pharma generic drugs in the world.

Well-resourced and up-to-date Mangalayatan University (MU) of Aligarh conducts the following courses in pharma to help ambitious students and professionals --- Diploma in Pharma (D. Pharma); Undergraduate course in pharma (B. Pharma); Postgraduate course in pharma (M. Pharma); and the Doctoral Research courses in pharmaceutical sciences (M.Phil. and Ph.D.). Currently, for the session 2020-21, MU invites sincere applications for its mpharma, bpharma, and d pharma courses admission from students across India and abroad. These all courses are duly approved by the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI). It may also be just mentioned that for b pharma admission, MU has been a very popular university in Uttar Pradesh.

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