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Why is Integrated B.A-B.Ed better than a Separate BA and then a B.Ed?

An Integrated Course is the full-time academic course which offers two significant academic degrees after its completion. Some examples of such integrated courses are (BA+B.ED), (BA+LLB), (BBA+MBA), (B.Tech+M.Tech), etc. For past many years in India, the integrated courses have been gaining fast and huge popularity, including particularly the integrated courses mentioned above, over pursuing two separate degree courses one by one. This statement also gives answer to the question “why is integrated ba-b.ed better than a separate ba and then a b.ed, to enlighten the students in general.

According to academicians, professionals, and industry experts, the following are the main features which render the integrated courses better and preferable to undergoing two separate degree courses subsequently: ---

  • Generally, an integrated course saves one grand year of the student.
  • Students can start right after class 12th, and achieve two degrees at the end of the course.
  • Integrated courses may be available in a variety of combinations, hence, choice of subjects is also available.
  • Generally, the integrated course offers more comprehensive and in-depth knowledge, and there is no repetition of study materials.
  • In case of the two separate degree courses, the student has to undergo admission and selection procedure twice; the student may also need to change the institution.

Why is Mangalayatan University a Best Option for Education/Teaching Courses in India?

Well-established adjacent to Aligarh city, Mangalayatan University is now a quite eminent name for superlative and impeccable education & teaching courses offered at diverse academic levels, particularly in the northern India. Duly recognized by UGC, this fast-prospering university offers the following education courses as per the provisions and regulations of the NCTE (National Council for Teacher Education). Conducted expertly and dedicatedly by its Institute of Education & Research (IER) of the university, these teaching courses are the following ----

  • B. Ed (Innovative)
  • Integrated BA-B. Ed
  • Integrated B.Sc. - B. Ed
  • Integrated B. El. Ed
  • M. Ed
  • And M.Phil. & Ph.D. (Education).

The b.ed innovative course just takes only 1.5 years, while the m.ed lasts for two years. The integrated courses are designed compactly to take only four years each, while the doctoral courses in education individually take at least three years. Currently, applications are being invited for admissions to its all courses excepting the doctoral research courses in education & teaching. Among the integrated courses of mangalayatan university, the most popular are the integrated ba bed admission and the B.Ed  admission.

In order to prepare highly talented, innovative, and punctilious teaching professionals, MU offers the above-mentioned courses which are well-embellished with the following features --- opulent and compact study curricula, teaching by veteran and innovative professors and research experts, lavish and hi-tech academic infrastructure, reasonable course fees, and the ever-growing national and international reputation of Managalayatan University.

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