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Why Students Prefer B.Arch Course after Completing 12th

The architecture industry of India, which gives elegant and highly impressive structural designs to buildings and other concrete structures in various sectors, has been steadily prospering to make India well-developed and glamorous, and also to open doors to a variety of career opportunities in the industry. In general, the following are the most prominent sectors utilizing the modern structural designs and models

  • Homes and Offices
  • Residential Apartments and Complexes
  • Buildings in the Commercial and Retail sector
  • Companies, Industries, and Industrial Complexes
  • Buildings in the Tourism & Hospitality and Entertainment sectors
  • Urban Development and Infrastructure
  • Educational Institutions and Universities
  • Hospitals and other Public-serving entities
  • Roads, Highways, and Flyovers
  • And, concrete structures in other sectors.

Thus, the ambit of architecture industry in India or any other fast-developing country is rather extensive, and creates copious jobs every year. The following are the 5 main reasons for boom in architecture industry of India at present and in future years

  1. Glowing Incomes and Luxurious Lifestyles
  2. Fast-paced Industrial and Economic Growth
  3. Boom in the Commercial and Retail Sectors
  4. Ever-growing Domestic and International Tourism
  5. And, Steady Urban and Infrastructural Developments

Hence, undoubtedly, the future in the architecture industry in India is presently rather bright and growth-oriented. For serving in all above-mentioned sectors, architects are imperatively required at diverse hierarchic levels, including the Architecture Engineers/Designers, Architectural/Technical Assistants, Project Assistant Managers, Data Analysts, Interior Designers, Architectural Historians/Journalists, and Landscape Architects. Consequently, now a considerable fraction of students prefer for b.arch course after completing their 10+2 education, in order to build booming and well-paying careers in the Indian architecture industry. But, for meeting these objectives, the pursued architecture course must be adequately affluent and innovative.

Giving due weightage to all above-mentioned facts and factors, prestigious Mangalayatan University (MU) of Aligarh conducts a rather rich and professional B.Arch course at present. Soon, master's and doctoral courses in architecture engineering & technology be started. The b.arch course of mangalayatan university is duly approved by the Council of Architecture (COA). Currently, information about its b.arch admission may readily be found on its website. In addition to well-rounded theoretical knowledge in architecture engineering & technology, MU also offers necessary practical and industrial trainings to the pursuing students, guidance for developing professional skills, and placement services to talented students. MU is at present, a hugely famous and reliable university in the northern India with ever-expanding prominence nationwide and internationally. According to MU, in addition to abundant disciplinary knowledge, the students of architecture engineering are now also required to design models which meet the modern requirements of better durability & sustainability, cost-effectiveness, appealing aesthetics, increased safety, and energy-efficiency.

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