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Top 5 Reasons Which Makes Ph.D. an Enthralling and Iconic Academic Degree.

A Ph.D. or Doctor of Philosophy degree is the pinnacle of academic qualifications. It is an iconic and enthralling academic degree allowing a person to append “Dr.” to their name. But wait! Is a Ph.D. degree just an academic degree? Or simply a sensate of pride to add “Dr’’ before the name? But, in facto Ph.D. is more than a degree. Pursuing Ph.D. degree is like a journey, which allows you to acquainted your hidden knowledge, skills, and passion. And when a person works with passion to hone their skills and inquisitive to explore further in their area of interest, he/she discovers something bewildering.

Ph.D. is a comprehensive academic programme of doing in-depth research along with the entire understanding of research issues and the ability to solve core problems with exceptional analytical and observation skills. Candidates who wish to pursue a Ph.D., they should possess excellent research and writing skills, keen observer, inquisitive, self-motivated, dedicated, and hard-working. Generally, Ph.D. graduates work for long hours and solve complicated problems with calmness.

It is a myth that the career scope of Ph.D. is limited to academia. Rather, now the changing academic environment and start-up culture has changed the landscape of Ph.D. ecosystem. Today, the amalgamation of academia and start-up is proving an excellent platform for Ph.D. graduates. They are joining start-up companies, using their skills and knowledge to develop new products through exceptional research and development capabilities. And later joining academia where they use their expertise and experience in a productive manner.

Top 5 Reasons Which Make Ph.D. An Enthralling and Iconic Academic Degree:

Ph.D. degree allows to discover something new:

Yes, it is the best reason which stimulates one to pursue Ph.D. If you have a passion for research and want to give an unprecedented contribution to the academia, then go for Ph.D. Ph.D. allows a person to conduct research freely, and if your research and thesis are strong and relevant, other experts within your chosen area of academia will refer your work and discoveries while teaching future students.

Ph.D. equips students with transferable Skills:

As we already said that pursuing Ph.D. degree is like a journey, and this Journey equips students with a transferable set of skills which required in almost every sector. Nowadays companies and educational institutes prefer candidates with higher education attainment and supreme skills.

Ph.D. makes you a go-getter type of person:

Yes, this is the beauty of pursuing Ph.D. degree. Pursuing Ph.D. eliminates monotonousness from your life and makes you a go-getter type of person, who relentlessly works hard for a major breakthrough in academia such as to publish his/her work in a prestigious research paper.

Enjoyment of the subject matter:

This is an enthralling reason to pursue Ph.D. Pursuing Ph.D. gives you immense pleasure to understand nitty-gritties of the subject, and you love to explore your favorite subject to find something new. If you have a hunger for research and an insatiable obsession for reading books, then you will love the journey of getting Ph.D.

Ph.D. makes your career flourishing:

Ph.D. degree decorates your academic profile. It is like adding ice on a cake in the academic profile that demonstrates your intellectual potentials and makes your career flourishing. Assuredly getting Ph.D. is tedious, but if you have the passion of shaping your future then this is your calling.

Career after Ph.D.

In 21st century, the scope of Ph.D. is beyond academia. In fact, the proportion of PhDs joining academia is not very large compare to the numbers of candidates having Ph.D. degrees. The nature of employment opportunities is changing in India and other international countries. Now besides academia, Ph.D. graduates prefer alternative career options like writing, politics, consultancy, investment banking, research, law, and many more.

Nowadays Ph.D. graduates have a range of opportunities to utilize their skills and expertise beyond the four walls of classrooms. The expertise, analytical skills, observation skill, problem-solving skills, and positive attitude which they have developed while pursuing Ph.D. degree; there is a great demand of such traits in the corporate environment. For example, if you have a Ph.D. degree in Economics, you are not only eligible to work as a professor but also can work as an economic consultant, budget analyst, financial analyst, subject matter expert, and editor for reputed media houses. This is because the shift from academic research goes beyond areas of study. Below are some popular Ph.D. specializations along with the job sectors.

  • A person who has Ph.D. degree in English Literature, he/she can work as a college professor, writer, screenwriter, etc.
  • A Person who has Ph.D. degree in Political Science/ International Relation, he/she can work as a professor, political strategist, foreign affair analyst, political editor, etc.
  • A person who has Ph.D. degree in Human Resource Management, he/she can work as a professor, management consultant, corporate trainer, etc.
  • A person who has Ph.D. degree in law, he/she can work as a lawyer, legal advisor, subject matter expert, and legal document writer.

Apart from the above four, there are several other education disciplines in which Ph.D. Degree unlocks the doors of lucrative careers. Notable thing is that even after completing Ph.D. you should not forget to experiment, learn, and innovate to excel in your career. If you want to switch your career from academia, then prepare yourself for stiff market challenges and freedom.

Job Prospects After Doing Ph.D.

The value of Ph.D. degree is measured in terms of knowledge and skills. Candidates who want to excel in career of their choice, they should have both traits. Let’s take a look at some of popular employment opportunities after doing Ph.D.

Most sought job after the Ph.D. degree is University Professor, Industrial research and development professionals, and start-up mentors. In the world’s top organizations there are dedicated Ph.D. degree holders who engage in research activities, design new products, and also take part in crucial strategic meetings. Ph.D. graduates who work in research labs or development centers get lucrative PayPacket and perks compare to any other graduates with rich experience.

Why Choose Mangalayatan University for Ph.D. Admission?

  • Ph.D. students at Mangalayatan University would have great opportunities for interdisciplinary research by working closely with eminent and intellect teaching faculties, some of them are at the forefront of their fields.
  • The University is equipped with state-of-the-art research infrastructure in terms of cutting-edge laboratories in science and engineering. The laboratories are continuously being upgraded, thereby Ph.D. students could get sublime amenities.
  • The University has an excellent track record for working on several research projects.
  • Apart from Science and Engineering, the University also offers Ph.D.in Humanities and Social Sciences programme, which is backed by high-quality Media and design thinking laboratories and entrepreneurship cell.

The Eligibility Criteria for Ph.D. Admission at Mangalayatan University.

  • Candidates who have completed postgraduation degree in a relevant subject with minimum 55% marks or an equivalent grade.
  • Candidates who belong to SC/ST/OBC (Non-Creamy layer)/ differently-abled and such other categories eligible for relaxation, according to UGC law.
  • Candidates who have already passed UGC (JRF) examinations/ NET/ SET/ SELT or have M. Phil degree can directly appear for interview.


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