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Top Reasons Why You Choose Mangalayatan University, Aligarh for a Successful Career

Educational institutions contribute significantly to shaping the future of the world through knowledge creation and education. It is a platform that fosters an environment that enhances and empowers talent in the students and acts as a catalyst for their inherent capabilities. Therefore, the purpose of universities around the globe is to gracefully shape the society and create a promising future. 

The advancement of a nation is measured by its higher education. "To achieve the goal of a truly skilled, progressive and responsible Indian community, industry, academia, and the general public need to join forces and share their expertise, enthusiasm, and commitment." Embracing this philosophy, Mangalayatan University has focused on providing students with relevant education that builds trust, mutual respect and cohesion in an environment of values.

The University has received the following Regulatory Approvals & Recognitions:

  • UGC 
  • U.P. Govt. 
  • BCI 
  • PCI  
  • NCTE  

In addition to providing a quality upbringing with social responsibility, the university stresses learning environments by offering industry-oriented programs such as Engineering, Management, Law, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Computer Applications, Para-Medical, Applied Sciences, Arts & Social Sciences, Education, Hotel Management, Journalism and many more. 

Further, as a result of the increase of private involvement in higher education, and the impact of technology on educational delivery, there have been significant changes in the Indian higher education system. Thus, at Mangalayatan, we are inculcating the following core values amongst our students:

• Contribute to National Development.

• Foster Global Competence.

• Ethics and Character Building.

• Promote the Use of Technology.

• Quest for Excellence. 

Also, our International Tie-Ups with American and Taiwan Universities have multiplied the charm and reputation of the university. 

Want to know more about the Mangalayatan University, Aligarh? Scroll through the blog to explore every minute detail about the university.  

Top Reasons Why You Choose Mangalayatan University, Aligarh

Mangalayatan aims to promote a culture of hard work, embrace change, and prepare students with the latest skills and the highest standards of social and personal values to join the world of fast progress. To accomplish our goals, we have focused on all the essentials to impart quality education. And they are: 

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

Mangalayatan University believes that the maintenance of the campus is a reflection of the quality standard of education and development the students undergo. Due to this, every effort is made to ensure that the more than 72 acres of Mangalayatan University campus remain clean, green and representative of its high academic standards.


  • Over 40,000 books and subscriptions to over 300 journals and periodicals are available at Mangalayatan University's spacious & modern Central Library. Also, it has a large number of research and industrial reports. 
  • A large study hall in the library is available so that students can browse resources unlimited resources. Additionally, the library has a computer lab in which students and faculty can access several online journals and eBooks.
  • A 1 Gbps Wi-Fi connection is available throughout the entire campus, enhancing the educational experience of students at Mangalayatan University.
  • The university also has a Central Computer Centre with 150 computers that are open until late at night. Additionally, the University has a total of 74 well-maintained and equipped laboratories.
  • Along with the mess and hostel canteens, Mangalayatan University has a centralized cafeteria with space for indoor and outdoor seating. It serves a wide variety of snacks and cuisines, making it a popular hangout among students.
  • 2 State-of-the-art Auditoriums with a seating capacity of 1000+ and an Open Theatre 
  • Conference rooms for Group Discussions and Group Interviews.
  • Furthermore, there are various sports clubs, fitness centres and a gymnasium that is equipped with modern exercise equipment.
  • Other facilities in the list are Studio, Art Gallery, Bank, ATM, Post Office, Moot Court, 350 Bedded Hospital with 24x7 Medical Facility and Ambulance Service, well connected Transport facilities and more.


Reputed and Experienced Faculty

As a leader in education, Mangalayatan University is home to over 200 highly qualified faculty members with advanced degrees from international universities as well as IITs, NITs, and other top-tier institutions like BHU and AMU. Where, the reputed and strong faculty members are led by 11 former Vice-Chancellors, former Chairman of UGC and Vice Chairman of AICTE.  

Visiting faculty members, who have rich industry experience, also contribute to the excellent learning beyond the curriculum. The faculty encourages a 360-degree Advance Teaching-learning Process that involves a Mentor-Mentee Concept.


Top Ranking

Mangalayatan University has distinguished honours, awards, and notable moments of pride during the course of its history. Examples include departmental excellence and multiple achievements. The list of awards are as follows: 

  • An Outstanding University of India in Innovation - 2021
  • Innovation in Education Certificate - 2021
  • Innovation in Education Award - 2021
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified for Quality Management System – 2021
  • Extraordinary Performer 2019' Award by ASMA during the 3rd ASMA Annual Convention & Awards 2019 in Mumbai
  • Excellence in Training & Placement Award 2019 by eLets Techno media
  • Most Progressive University of North India – 2019
  • The Most Promising Engineering Institute in Uttar Pradesh' - As Per Ranking 2019 of Jagran New Media
  • University recognized by VWP Worlds Brands, the Admired Brand of Asia 2014-15
  • E-Learning Readiness Certificate Awarded by QS I GAUGE


Excellent Placement Record

Placements at Mangalayatan University is supported by a dynamic Training and Placement Cell. The Training & Placement Cell is supervised by the Vice-Chancellor and Pro-Vice-Chancellor. By organizing and coordinating frequent industrial visits, in-plant training, and industrial projects, the T&P Cell nurtures industry-university interaction.  

The department is also responsible for:

  • Coordinating recruitment activities both on and off-campus.
  • Identifying career interests for each student through one-to-one expert guidance.
  • Organizing regular guest lectures to enable students to interact with top industry personnel. 

Along with the placement process, the departments advise students about job opportunities. Dedicated training programs are organized and conducted to improve employability within each company.


A glimpse of Our Star Placements:

  • 14.00 Lakhs- Dhriti Solutions (Malaysia)
  • 12.00 Lakhs- Reliance Power
  • 08.40 Lakhs- BMW
  • 08.00 Lakhs- Hyundai Engg. & Construction (Dubai)

More than 120 leading names from the corporate sector have visited our campus so far and have handpicked potent and intelligent talent. 

Industry Oriented Teaching

Since its establishment, Mangalayatan University students has consistently guided their students to progress in the path of learning and have crafted their students in the finer aspects of character. And the very essence of professional excellence appears when you can accomplish good results in an environment that is outside of your control along with people you don't know that well.  

In order to meet this goal, Mangalayatan University facilitates training in a highly informal, intriguing, and interactive manner. The university follows an industry-oriented, engaging and flexible academic programme supported with a Choice-Based Credit System. All the institutes on the campus have adopted teaching and learning through E-Learning Management System. Our curriculum offers students with Practice-based learning and Research Project opportunities to improve their communication and presentation skills while developing their personalities. And involves the following activities such as:


  • Group Discussions
  • Stimulated Interviews
  • Presentations 
  • Mentoring 

In addition to providing valuable training in their early professional career, the career advancement training also helps students with their social interaction in business environments.


Hi-tech Campus

Located in a pristine location away from polluted urban locales, the 72+ acre campus is fully Wi-Fi enabled, with full-service residential facilities. The campus is monitored 24 hours a day and night by a 70-member security team and residential proctors. 

Each institute has a computer lab where students can conduct research for their projects. In addition, Mangalayatan University has a Central Computer Centre which is equipped with 150 computers. The university maintains two engineers permanently on campus, as well as an Information Services Department that manages the university's computational needs.

The Information Services Department manages Mangalayatan University's community portal and its email services, to which every student and staff member at the university has access. The majority of official and academic transactions are conducted online. All university operations are administrated by a state-of-the-art ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning system.

The Central Library is quite spacious. It has all the modern facilities, a large study hall and a dedicated computer lab that enables students to access learning resources online. 

Personality Development

Mangalayatan University has consistently developed students in every aspect of personal integrity since its inception. Here, students are actively encouraged to participate in the community, learning teamwork, selflessness and leadership.  

With its various tools such as the loco inventory and personal effectiveness scale, the Personality Development Program (PDP) takes you into the world of Behavioral Sciences. For each batch of students, the university has implemented sequential personality development programs. This program emphasizes team building, leadership skills, and communication skills through Group Discussions on various topics.  

The team of Career Advancement provides students with a strong conceptual and practical framework to build develop and manage teams. Furthermore, it helps students in career visioning and planning, effective resume writing and dealing with placement consultants and head-hunters. 

Moreover, with unparalleled exposure to a multitude of activities, Mangalayatan University students get the opportunity to win together as a team, help youngsters from nearby villages, and organize academic and cultural events at national levels. 

Residential Accommodation - Hostel 

The 72+ acre campus is home for day scholars, as well as residential students. On the campus of Mangalayatan University, safety, hygiene, and punctuality are of the utmost importance. Sumangalam Hostel, home to nearly 700+ students, is fully wi-fi equipped, making learning more productive.  

A mess with high-quality & 100% vegetarian food is available four times a day at the Sumangalam hostel with special timings for lunch and dinner for Jain students. Additionally, a glass of milk is served every night at 10 pm.

Throughout the day, you can enjoy the convenience of tea and coffee. Mess menus are regularly altered based on feedback from the students. Additionally, students living on campus have access to this facility based on the coupon system.

Other than this, on-campus buses run every week to the nearby cities of Aligarh and Mathura. These trips are convenient for those who want to go out of town for the day, and then return to campus at night. In case of an emergency, backup transport is provided by a fleet of cars and vans.


Intensive Industry Interaction

The students have ample opportunity to interact with one another and deal with a wide variety of issues, topics, and situations that they may encounter as entry-level professionals. Several Mentorship and Counselling sessions are conducted at Mangalayatan University that aims to flourish students with high scores and boost their abilities to prove themselves in their field of future dreams.

The Intensive Industry Interaction module plays an important role in the development of the student's overall personality, thereby enhancing their career prospects. Throughout this program, the students are provided with a strong practical orientation and build upon and improve their corporate and interpersonal skills. 


Extracurricular Activities

We at University are committed to creating a positive environment where our students can experience the most memorable moments of campus life. College life is not only about learning it is about enjoyment at the same time. 

It is about freedom and holistic development that ultimately makes every student an evolved individual. With the active participation of students and the overwhelming support of faculty, the University encourages and conducts various extra-curricular activities. With these extra-curricular activities’ students get to enhance the positive energy that equips them with the right mindset to pursue knowledge. Therefore, to leverage the overall development and cordial relations among the students, Mangalayatan has encouraged students with the following clubs:


  • Music and Dramatics clubs
  • Quiz and Debate clubs


Also, Mangalayatan University has dedicated sessions to instill spiritual and philosophical values along with life skills development, physical fitness, arts and so on. 

Student Life

Life at Mangalayatan University, Aligarh is filled with exciting twists and turns. Students here are loaded with numerous activities to experience a 360- degree development. This is how the journey looks like at the Mangalayatan campus: 

6:45 am- Wake up to the sound of birds chirping and with a mesmerizing campus view.

10:00 am- Rush to an in-house tea stall in between lectures.

Time 1:00 pm- Participation in various Extracurricular activities. 

2:00 pm- Guest Lectures and Sessions

4:30 pm- Indulging in some friendly but competitive sport

7:00 pm- Quiz Time

8:30 pm- Post-dinner, Real learning moment. Brilliant minds unite together to apply their intelligence to solve National level case studies. 

10:00 pm- Sit with the Assignment that awaits us in our mailbox.

11:00 pm- Time for a Musical Ride!

12:00 Midnight- Good Night 

An excellent journey without a pause to attain perfection begins at “Mangalayatan University.” 


An institution's success depends on an engaged, supportive alumni network. It is beneficial to both institutions and alumni if they have good alumni relationships. They may also provide important intellectual, financial, and human resources. Also, with their experience, they can update the present students with the latest technology, real-world challenges, and trends in the corporate world.

Mangalayatan University is proud to announce that it has a strong alumni base of over 7000, which features a diverse mix of ethnicities and backgrounds. 

Hope after reading the blog you might have portrayed the fascinating life and excellent education you are going to witness at Mangalayatan University, Aligarh. Planning to start your journey with us?  

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