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Flexible-Technology Enabled Learning (F-TEL) Programs : Admission Open

Mangalayatan university, Aligarh, is offering a grand opportunity for the working people, to pursue higher studies for their professional growth, with the new F-Tel Program. This highly enriching program is designed on the concept of flexibility, in the mode and time of the study. It is for the convenience of working professionals. It involves 20% mandatory e-learning of the program via valuable platforms like MOOC, Swayam, and university LMS and they are tailored according to Choice Based Credit System (CBCS). We offer an updated syllabus, according to the industry norms and the course is taught on the weekends. MU also has a separate and dedicated training and placement system, for supporting and making students skilled, for cracking any interview.

What makes F-TEL promising and different from Distance / online educational degree programs is that the degree awarded under such scheme will exactly be similar to regular degree programs and hence valid for any Government / private sector employment offering.

F-Tel Courses Offered by MU

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Sr.No. Program Duration Eligibility
1 B.A. 3 10+2
2 B.A.(Hons.) (English/History/Economics/Political Science/Sociology) 3 10+2
3 M.A. (English/History/Economics/Political Science/Sociology) 2 Graduation in relevant discipline
4 B.Sc. (PCM) 3 10+2
5 B.Sc. (ZBC) 3 10+2
6 M.Sc. (Physics/Chemistry) 2 Graduation in relevant discipline
7 M.Sc. (Maths) 2 Graduation in relevant discipline
8 B.Com. 3 10+2
9 M.Com. 2 Graduation with Commerce
10 B.B.A. 3 10+2
11 M.B.A. (HR/Marketing/Finance/International Business) 2 Graduation
12 B.S.c. (IT) 3 10+2 with PCM
13 M.S.c. IT 2 Graduation in relevant discipline
14 DCA 2 10+2 with PCM
15 BCA 3 10+2 with PCM
16 PGDCA 1 Graduation
17 MCA 2 Graduation
* Registration Fee (One Time) for all programs will be Rs.2000/- * Examination Fee for all programs will be Rs.1200/- per semester
  • F-TEL COURSES FORWorking Professionals/ Businessman/ Housewives
  • CLASSESFriday (Post Lunch), Saturday and Sunday
  • PROGRAMSProgram Designed as per CBCS (Choice Based Credit System)
  • SYLLABUSUpdated Syllabus as per Requirment of Industry
  • TECHNOLOGY ENABLED LEARNING (TEL)20% Program Mandatory with E-learning Platform Like MOOCS/ Swayam/ University LMS
  • TRAINING & PLACEMENT SUPPORTDedicated Training & Placement Support


1. What is F-TEL ?

F-TEL is acronym for Flexible-Technology Enabled Learning.

2. What is the approach to F-TEL?

F-TEL attemps to integrate world of work with advanced study while balancing work, family and Study needs.

3. Who can enroll for F-TEL and what is the age limit?

Any interested person can enroll for the programe and there is no age limit.

4. What is the mode of delivery?

The Programme will be delivered offline/online.

5. What is the teaching method and conduct of Classes?

The Classes, Labs and Field studies are scheduled for 180 days of the year as per policy guidelines, on Saturdays and Sundays, and after lunch on Fridays. Established pedagogies like Self-learning materials, Webinars (a seminar conducted over the Internet), Audio and Video lectures, MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses), Projects and Internships have been inducted along with Class room learning.

6. How to select MOOCs Courses and on which Portal?

In the first instance, MOOCs as per UGC Regulations are being inducted upto 20% of courses, and from MHRD, GOI funded Portals like SWAYAM, and NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enabled Learning). Regular Courses are delivered online on these Portals whose credits are transferable to credentials of Mangalayatan University. Courses are delivered by Senior Faculties from IITs, IIMs, IISc etc.

7. What is the method adopted by Mangalayatan University?

Mangalayatan University is attempting to offer Blended Learning at its best, of Onsite (Regular) and Online Learning and offer CBCS (Choice Based Credit System) whereby there is flexible entry and exit for students. In this system, a student after completing designated Credit hours can claim a Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Bachelor's and Masters Degrees and exit the system and re-enter without repeating anything. There would be two cycle of admissions in a year (January-June and July-December). Besides, the Programmes are modular.

8. What is the flexibility for working persons?

The Flexible entry and exit policy provides unprecedented flexibility for pursuing studies for those who have already entered the world of work and/or have family responsibilities.

9. Any Library facility available?

Updated Curricula, best in Class faculty and Learning Resources, Specialized Digital Libraries, Online Journals etc. will be made available to students.

10. What is the attendance required?

As per Policy guidelines.

11. After attending MOOCs Classes on the Internet, when is exam held ?

As per schedule announced on SWAYAM Portal and NPTEL Portal.

12. Are there any additional fees required to be paid for Courses on SWAYAM and NPTEL ?

No tuition fee is required, but if exam. is taken then exam. fees has to be paid online.

13. Would someone assist from Mangalayatan University to register for SWAYAM and NPTEL?

Yes, there is a MOOCs Coordinator in the University.

14. How are results of MOOCs exam. Taken into account at MangalayatanUniv?

As per Policy guidelines, the Pass Certificate (with its credits) is transferable to Mangalayatan University's Credits.

15. How many MOOCs per semester can be taken ?

One for credit, more than one for non-credit can be taken for learning. Recommended MOOCs will be notified on Mangalayatan University website.

16. What is the exam result followed ?

As per the University Policy 10 Point Letter Grade (CGPA) system is followed. That means Grades (A, B, C & F) are awarded. Grades can be translated into marks also.

17. When would be that?

There would be two cycle of admissions in a year (January-June and July-December).

18. What are the fees ?

The program wise Fee Structure is mentioned in the Admission Brochures, Advertisements, Fliers and Website of the University.

19. What is the meaning of Flexible ?

Courses are Flexible in terms of Attendting the Classes, Labs, Field Studies and utilizing MOOCS, SWAYAM option upto 20% and also exit option wherever applicable.

20. What is the Programme duration?

As per UGC Guidelines.

21. How many credits have to be earned for Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor's degree, Master's degree ?

Minimum is 16 Credits/semester, for Certificate 32 Credits, Diploma 64 Credits, Bachelor's degree 96 credits and Master's degree 64 credits. However, there could be one to two additional courses of upto 4 Credits per semester, so range is 16-20/ semester.


  • UGCUniversity Grants Commission
  • NCTENational Council for Teacher Education
  • BCIBar Council of India
  • PCIPharmacy Council of India



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