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Scope and Career Opportunities after BA LLB Degree

A Bachelor of Arts in Law (BA LLB) degree allows the students to get their degree in Law, with the ultimate goal of starting their career as a Lawyer. One of the best things about a BA LLB degree is that it is flexible enough to accommodate those students who do not want to practice Law but would like to continue in a career that is related to Law.

BA LLB is recognized as an integrated degree course. Students acquire the skills and knowledge that are required to be legal practitioners and excellent advocates. In addition to this, the law provides students plenty of opportunities in private law firms, legal chambers, court and government agencies, and many others. The degree can be taken as a professional degree or an honours degree.

What is BA LLB Degree All About?

BA LLB program is one of the most prominent degree programs. BA LLB is a five-year law degree course. The degree is a combination of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws, which are two highly different degree courses. The course is offered by the colleges affiliated with the General Council Bar of India. The degree is commonly known as BA LLB.

The BA LLB degree is designed to offer basic knowledge and train students inall aspects of the law and arts. It prepares students for a career in law,Government and non-Government services, private practice and research or alegal professional.

The program focuses on the learning andapplication of various disciplines such as communication skills, writing, andresearch. Moreover, the BA LLB program is a flexible study of law, which givesstudents a chance to take a step into something new. They get anopportunity to explore legal concepts at their best.

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What is the scope of a BA LLB Degree?

BA LLB degree is the most sought-after degree forthose candidates who want to pursue a career in law. The course covers thebasics of both BA and LLB and is an added advantage to the students as they canpursue their careers in law or join the corporate sector with a specializationin arts as well. Hence, this degree helps you to prepare for admission to BarCouncil, as well as for employment in various law-related fields.

The scope of BA LLB is vast. The BA LLB degreeallows you to practice law in various parts of the world. So, BA LLB isalways a good option for those who want to practice law for a living. The scope of the LLB degree is not limited to India only. The scope of the degree is topractice law on a global scale.

Graduates can pursue a range of diverseopportunities in both the public and private sectors after completing thedegree. Students typically choose to pursue independent practise as a lawyeroradvocate after finishing this degree. If you want to concentrate on aspecific area of law, you can enrol in postgraduate programs such as the LLMor the PhD in Law. Later, you can discover higher-level career prospectsin the corporate and commercial sector or work in the social sector withnon-profit organizations.

Top Job opportunities after BA LLBDegree?

If you look around, you will find that thereare a lot of opportunities for lawyers in the corporate sector. It is a goodcareer option to get higher pay. Some of the companies have large branches oflawyers and legal experts working for them. Additionally, if you have 1-2 yearsof experience working in any law firm, you will have a great advantage overother people applying for career opportunities.BA LLB degree graduates in Indiawill have several job opportunities for various sectors in today’s world. In the coming future, you can find job opportunities in almost every field in any city.

There are different kinds of jobs that one canfind after completing a BA LLB degree in India. The fields of work will alsochange based on one’s specialization.

Here are the top 10 job opportunities for a BA LLB degreeholder-

1. Legal Secretary

This is one of the common positions for a BA LLB degreeholder in India. It is one of the most sought-after positions, especially ifyou have a law firm as your employer. The role of legal secretaries isessential for the smooth functioning of the legal system. A legal secretaryneeds to pay specialattention to detail, have excellent communication skillsand have a good grasp of legal terminology.

A Legal Secretary is an executive secretary whoperforms law firm support functions such as reviewing correspondence, preparingcase files and conducting research. Legal Secretaries are responsible for theintake of clients and their cases. In addition, they are responsible forkeeping client information and case information confidential. Specificresponsibilities of legal secretaries include making appointments, screeningand routing a call, taking shorthand and typing dictation, as well as filing.Some of the responsibilities of a legal secretary also include maintainingattorney calendars and drafting correspondences.

2. Law Clerk

Any person who has completed an LLB degree in Indiacan join law firms as a law clerk. A law clerk is an assistant to a judge or alawyer. In the United States, law clerks are called judicial clerks. Alaw clerk is often an attorney, and he or she may specialize in a specific areaof the law (such as tax or corporate law).

A law clerk is a research assistant whoassists a judge in the administration of justice. The job of a law clerkinvolves a lot of research and writing. Law clerks perform a variety of tasks,but their mainresponsibility is to conduct legal research and provideassistance to judges in the performance of their duties. They help the attorneydraft legal documents, prepare legal pleadings, precedents, and research andwrite briefs, opinions and memorandums. Besides, they also need to assist theattorney during the court trials and hearings. For this, they have to abide by theattorney’s instructions and directions.

3. Legal Associate/Advisor

Legal associates are legal professionals who aresupervised by attorneys. A Legal Associate is alawyer that is a part of a lawfirm and helps the senior lawyers with legal and other professional matters.They are trained to help in providing all the administrative and legal supportthat a lawyer would need so that they can concentrate on cases. They can workin different departments, including litigation, corporate, tax and real estate.

Legal Associates also work under the supervision ofthe firm's Partners. They also share their experience and skills with Lawyerswho do not have any experience and are at the bottom of the hierarchicalladder. Legal Associates would also be able to advise the lawyer on thecases they are working on. At the same time, they would be able to analyse theimportance of these cases. Theyhelp lawyers by serving different clients. Theyalso take a significant part in preparing documents, legal briefs, etc.

4. Litigation Lawyer

A litigation lawyer will be involved in variousstages of a legal dispute from the beginning to the end of the proceedings. Therole of a litigation lawyer is to understand what needs to be done to settle a dispute. Besides, their role will vary depending upon the area of law in which individual practice.The most important aspects of the job will includeconducting research, interacting and negotiating with clients, preparing forcourt proceedings and presenting arguments in court before a judge.

In most cases, litigation lawyers represent clientsin cases involving civil, criminal and administrative law. In somejurisdictions, a litigation lawyer may also perform the function of a publicprosecutor. For example, in the state of New York, a lawyer is eligible topractice as both a public prosecutor and a private lawyer.

A litigation lawyer must be able tointerpret the laws and understand how the case will be impacted by the factsand the law. They must be familiar with the relevant law; various court systemsand thejudges must know how to research the law and must be able to apply thelaw to the facts of the case. Other than that, a lawyer should keep track ofevery movement of the case. This is not easy if you are working with abig law firm. In addition to this, a lawyer should be skilful in writing and communicationwith the other party in the dispute.

5. Criminal Lawyer

Criminal lawyers in India are the lawyer who handlescases related to crime. In India, any person can become a criminal lawyer. Butthey need to register themselves under the Bar Council of India.

Criminal lawyers are those who defend clientswho are accused of crimes. Their main job is to represent a person or business, whois charged with a crime in a court of law. They may also represent a defendantin a civil case, where compensation is claimed for damages. Theirprimary responsibility is to ensure the safetyof innocent people from false accusations. There are different types ofcategories of criminallawyers. The lawyer can be a junior criminal lawyer,senior criminal lawyer, criminal appeal lawyer, contract barrister andsolicitor etc.

Also, they offer legalassistance to the accused person by providing counsel and defence in criminalcourts. Other than that, they defend the client's rights under the law and mayargue that the charges against the client should be reduced or dropped.

6. Legal Analyst

A Legal Analyst is an employee of a law firm whoperforms research and analysis on legal documents and cases. One is an expertin the law, who can understand and explain all the issues related to thelaw and its applications.

A legal analyst is not just restricted to analysing legal information but also plays a key role in facilitating the day-to-daybusiness activities. Their main objective is to understand the company'spresent position concerning the law and provide proposals or solutions tovarious legal issues. The legal analyst uses the available database and legalresearch tools to gather information about the company's legal obligations, analyse it and communicate theimplications and potential risks to management.They also suggest and implement changes by performing research, draftingcontracts and advising in policymaking.

However, in many other cases, a legal analyst actsas a liaison between the company and the law firm. It is the responsibility ofthe legal analyst to help the law firm to understand the client’s needs andtranslate them into legal terms. A legal analyst evaluates the case and guides the lawyers about the risks and the way forward.

7. Company Secretary

A company secretary is an individual who isresponsible for the smooth functioning of the company and is the liabilityholder. They are responsible to ensure legal compliance and all the administrative tasks of the company. Some of theduties and responsibilities of the company secretary include Stock exchangecompliance, Corporate secretarial services, Tradeshow and exhibitionmanagement and also various other duties as per the requirement of the company.

Some of the other responsibilities include arrangingof Board Meetings as well as itsfunctions, understand the company's financialand business position as well as various factors that affect it, to managerelationships with the company's shareholders, banks and financial institutions, etc., managing the company's secretarial and administrativeduties, maintaining the company's corporate records, including share registers,minutes of the meeting of the shareholders, organizing the Board of Directorsmeetings, Audit Committee etc. Also,handling of legal affairs and duties of the company, ensuring thatall statutory obligations are fulfilled and all statutory documents areproduced as and when required.

Company Secretary is a vital postin any company. The responsibilities of a Company secretary are many,therefore, he or she should be a very experienced and skilled individual.

8. Legal Advisor

A legal advisor is a professional who advisesbusiness transactions and transactions involving rights, contracts, and otherlegalities. The legal advisor is not only a legal expert but also a businessan advisor who advises on legal matters that are relevant to the businesstransaction.

A legal advisor is responsible for protecting andenforcing clients’ legal rights and interests. The role of a lawyer is toadvise you on what you should do in your future steps, depending on the problemyou have. They cannot make any decisions for you, but they can present you withall the pros and cons of your actions. For example, you are being sued by acustomer and your lawyer could help you get out of this situation by findingthe proper approach to dealingwith the situation. They help you understand theprocess of the lawsuit and they will help you prepare the quotes and documents.

Hence, the major role of a lawyer is to assist inmatters of law, be it litigation or contracts.They also advise on therelated aspects of business such as taxation, legal, labour and estate laws. They have to know the laws of the country and keep themselvesupdated with the latest amendments and enactments so that they can help theirclients in all possible ways.

9. Judge

Judge is a very important person in the IndianPolitical system. Judge is a person who has been carefully selected for anappointment as a judge of a court or other similar position by the President ofIndia. Judges help in protecting people’s rights and making sure that everyonegets a fair trial. A judge must be able to maintain impartiality and not takeinto account any outside influences such as personal relationships, religion,race, or politics.

The roles and responsibilities of a judge arenumerous. He or she is also responsible for making sure that all partiesinvolved also maintain a high level of respect and decorum and that no one isharassed or bullied. They are responsible for making the final decision and makingsure the rules of the game are being followed accurately.

In addition, a judge is mandated to uphold the last all times, but he or she is also encouraged to take into account individualcircumstances as well.

10. Paralegal

A paralegal is a person licensed to work in thefield of law. He or she is a member of the legal team whoworks directly with the attorneys, rather than with clients. The mainresponsibility of a paralegal is to help the attorney with any aspect of legalwork. They may conduct research and gather information on cases, help developlegal documents such as complaints, motions, and briefs by researching relevantissues and authorities, provide assistance in legal research and writing,assist with client meetings, assist in officemanagement activities such asscheduling, filing, and answering phones, and other tasks as assigned.

Other responsibilities include providingadministrative support to attorneys and knowledge of legal coverages anddocuments. They may need to take and transcribe testimony and other legalevidence. Also, they analyse evidence and make recommendations to the attorney to help him come up with the best defence for the client.

Law is a very good platform to work in anyorganization, as it is a gateway to a vast number of opportunities incorporate, public and private sectors. It is a good opportunity for graduates

who want to become a part of this legal world!

So, if you feel interestedand can cope with hard work then it is a good start for those who want topursue a legal profession.

Top Recruiting Companies hiringBA LLB graduates in India

Obtaining a BA LLB degree can lead to a variety ofcareer opportunities with top firms. Let’stake a look at the most popular recruiting companies in India hiring BA LLBgraduates-

  • Khaitan& CO
  • AZB & Partners
  • Economic Laws Practice
  • Talwar Thakore & Associates
  • Clutch Group
  • Integron
  • Qusilex Legal Services
  • Desai &Diwanji
  • CPA Global Services
  • J Sagar Associates
  • Trilegal
  • S&R Associate
  • Aparajitha Corporate Services


BA LLB degree is the ultimate pathway foraspiring lawyers. The scope of a law degree is huge; however, you should decidethe area of law where you want to excel. This can be a great starting point foryour career. Though it is a highly competitive field, law firmscan offer lots of perks and benefits.After your degree, you can go for higher studies in law as variousinstitutes provide master's and doctoral courses. This will help you to gethigher positions in the legal field. However, if you want to become a lawyer,you need to completethe Bar Council of India's Bar Preparation Course and theBar Examination. After your degree, you can take up varied roles like a legaladvisor, lawyer, advocate, legal practitioner, judge and even an arbitrator. Nevertheless, if you have done your law degree from India’s toplawcollege, then all of the mentioned jobs are within your reach.

We hope you have gained a fair idea about yourcareer prospects after passing your BA LLB degree. If you feel that you arebetter suited to the field of law, or if you have any other questions orconcerns, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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