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Top 10 Benefits of Having a BA LLB Degree

Recent years have seen the common law system emerge as a popular choice for students seeking to pursue their legal education. Today, the legal framework is a combination of norms and regulations that contribute significantly to modern society. With the help of the judicial framework, today, an individual is protected from threats and abuses.

So, if you want to support and protect the nation from such threats and exploitations, one of the oldest and most noble professions you can opt for is, "Lawyer." There are various types of lawyers, each of whom specialises in a certain area of law.

You must have a high degree of education if you wish to pursue a profession in law. A BA LLB degree is perfect for those who want to enter the field of law. Not only is this a degree that is common in the legal field, but it is also a degree that is accepted globally.
If you're considering a career in law but are unsure about the benefits, this blog will explain the top 10 benefits of getting a BA LLB course degree.

What is a BA LLB Degree?

BA LLB is an acronym for Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws. The Bar Council of India recognises the BA LLB degree as a law degree. The BA LLB is a five-year law course degree that blends a bachelor's degree in arts with law. It is known as a dual-degree program. The curriculum involves disciplines like law, business, and arts. It is a program that is focused on the study of law and related issues. The study of law is based on the principles of business and commerce.

The BA LLB course degree will provide you with a strong liberal arts background as well as legal essentials. You will study skills necessary for success in the practice of law in addition to theoretical components. Hence, BA LLB is a prominent undergraduate degree choice for people interested in pursuing a career in law. So, if you are interested in law and legal studies, this is a must-consider alternative!

What is the Scope of a BA LLB Degree?

Thousands of cases are filed in Indian courts every day, whether it's a criminal case, a business conflict, or a family dispute. Despite the prolonged and complicated case resolution process, India's legal profession prospects remain vibrant and optimistic.
In India's legal system, however, there is still a scarcity of lawyers. But with a BA LLB degree graduates can explore a lot of potential in India. Apart from entering the Bar Council of India, after graduating BA LLB, one can pursue a variety of other careers. Professionals holding this degree are working in all domains of law, judiciary, justice and legal system.

They can work as lawyers, advocates, solicitors, and a variety of other professions. Besides, many of them can also complete further degrees such as the LLM and MBA. Therefore, the scope of the BA LLB degree is phenomenal.

Top 10 Benefits of Having a BA LLB Degree

BA LLB degree is one of the most important degrees in the world. The scope and growth of BA LLB degree graduates are tremendous. This section will discuss the top 10 benefits of having a BA LLB degree. They are-

  • Strong Foundation for a Lucrative Career

With the advent of technology and the demand for professional lawyers on a constant climb, students are taking up law courses with fervour. Today, all the big firms across the globe are hiring those candidates who have a BA LLB degree. This is the most popular degree in India and is also considered a strong base for being a successful candidate in any law firm. With a BA LLB, you can build a solid base for a lucrative future profession. To begin with, students of law are taught in-depth and comprehensive theoretical knowledge, which is perhaps the most important prerequisite for professional success.
Therefore, a law degree is known as a gateway to lucrative careers in law.

  • In-depth Knowledge of the Law

Law is a vast subject and there are many aspects to it. To understand it completely, a person needs to get a basic degree in law and then go for further studies. BA LLB degree integrates courses which provide students with a general knowledge of the law and its application. Such courses are designed to cover the law of commonwealth nations as well as international laws.
Hence, after completion of this degree, the graduate is not just a good lawyer but is also aware of the laws of other countries and their implications.

  • Edge over other Graduates - Integrated Degree

To some, the law is more than just a mere subject; it's a way of life. They go far and beyond to be successful in their career and this is where an integrated degree can help you succeed.
Today, the integrated BA LLB degree is well accepted in the job market. Some of the best law firms also accept integrated degrees such as BA LLB degree. So, if you want to have an edge over other graduates you should consider BA LLB degree.

  • Career Options

As always said,” Get a good job, which pays well.” 
In today's world, a person's worth is determined by the qualifications one possesses. The qualifications you may have can determine your pay and prospects in the future. Having a BA LLBA qualification will ensure you get a job not only as a lawyer but many other relevant profiles in the legal system.
Well to answer, there are many openings for students with a law degree, one of the most common being a paralegal or a legal assistant. You will also learn by working in this field, making you more valuable as an employee.
You can start your legal career by doing a BA LLB course. You can start your own practice in India upon clearing this course. You can also get a job in a corporate law firm, a public sector company or the Government. Further career options include entering into academic legal professions such as teaching, research or starting your own law firm. You can also pursue higher studies in law and economics, such as LLM, PhD and MBA.

  • Financial Independence

Earning a degree is worthless if it does not provide financial security. After you obtain your BA LLB degree, you can move on to a career where you can earn a lot. A law degree can be a powerful tool to have in your pocket. A law degree can give you prestige, respect and financial security. It is a highly respected profession that promises you handsome pay without working under someone. With this degree in hand, you can be financially independent and be your “Own Boss.”
Furthermore, you may earn a lot of money with a BA LLB degree if you can deliver the desired results. For instance, the earning potential for criminal and civil lawyers is limitless.

  • Holistic Development  

Universally, over the years, the law has been considered to be a profession where you earn good money and have a stable career. In India, the law has been perceived to be a subject that tests your logical or analytical thinking, or at times just your memory.
The BA LLB degree's holistic approach to learning prepares you to master critical thinking and reasoning skills.

  • Inculcates Strong Ethics and Compassion

Law, being a dynamic and challenging field of study, holds a lot of interest for the youth of today. It is often heard that a law degree inculcates strong ethics and empathy. Studying Law is a long and strenuous process. It requires you to produce high-quality work to demonstrate your aptitude for the degree. Throughout 5 years individuals instil strong values and traits.
Hence, studying law is an incredible journey that can change an individual's life as they embark on their career in the legal sector.

  • Prestige and Respect

With the world as it is today, a person is measured by the kind of qualifications he holds. The qualifications you may have can determine your pay and prospects in the future.
Your legal degree is an important credential. It is one of those degrees that is respected and recognized across the globe. You will be acknowledged as a distinct name in society as your credibility and competence in the profession grow.

  • Flexible Working Hours

Working 9-5 might not be for everyone. Some might thrive working early morning or some might thrive working late at night!
The BA LLB is one of those degrees that offer great flexibility when it comes to workplace hours. This allows professionals to maximize their work-life balance and work according to their own schedules.
You can set your own working hours as you develop expertise and recognition in this profession. Your every minute costs will be taken into account. When you become a well-known and respected lawyer, your arguments in court will be considered seriously. But, remember, to succeed in this industry, you must have a strong academic background in addition to years of experience and hard effort.

  • Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

A law degree is one of the most demanding and exhausting courses one can pursue. With an LLB degree, you will not only be able to help others by informing them of their legal rights and responsibilities, but you will also be able to utilise these resources for your own benefit. It is one of the advantages of LLB that no other career can match. It also explains our obligations to our country and how we must act in society.
While pursuing a law degree, you will be taught not only the law but also allowed to develop an acquaintance with various legal professions and their practices.

Summary Today, it is all about earning respect, prestige and the honest fruits of one's hard work and a legal degree can help you achieve all those goals and more. BA LLB is a nutshell that integrates a mixture of liberal arts and law. The broad and diverse exposure to the processes of law provides an ultimate edge to the students of the BA LLB degree.
In addition to having the skills and knowledge to be a legal professional, a degree or diploma in law is a basic requirement for getting a job in the law field.

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