Admission Open 2024-25
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Sl.No. Faculty Department Name of Supervisor Name of Ph.D. Scholar Mode of Ph.D. (Full Time/Part Time) Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely Year of Completion of Ph.D. Availing Fellowship Yes/No Funding Agency of Fellowship
1 IBMER Biotechnology Dr. Gaurav Mudgal Ankit Singh Full time 20151254 4/5/2016 Isolation and evaluation of endophytes for anti-Mycobacterium tuberculosis activity from folk medicinal plants 2019 NA NA
2 IBMER Biotechnology Dr. Gajendra B. Singh Ankur Bhardwaj Full Time 20161162 10/3/2016 Isolation & Identification of Arsenic transforming bacteria & studyof ground water quality in the mining regions of MP & Jharkhand 2019 NA NA
3 IBMER Biotechnology Dr. Nishi Sharma Ankur Varshney Full Time 20111104 6/13/2013 Discovery of Host Proteins as Markers for Pulmonary Tuberculosis Diagnosis 2017 NA NA
4 IBMER Biotechnology Dr. Gaurav Mudgal Deepa Agarwal Full time 20160792 2/16/2017 Genetic Transformation of Fruit Crops for Folate Fortification 2020 NA NA
5 IBMER Biotechnology Prof. Abdul Wadood Siddiqui Deepanshu Sharma Full Time 20161200 2/16/2017 Computational Design and Synthesis of Cyclin Dependent Kinase Inhibitor as Novel Anticancer Drug 2020 NA NA
6 IBMER Biotechnology Dr. Devendra Singh Dilip Kumar Full Time 20161204 2/16/2017 Molecular Epidemiology and Zoonotic Implications of Mycobacterium Avium Subspecies Paratuberculosis 2020 NA NA
7 IBMER Biotechnology Dr. Ajay Kumar Manoj Kumar Sharma Part Time 20111105 6/13/2013 Molecular Cloning of Canine Adenovirus-2 Hexon Gene in Replicase Vector and Its Characterization 2017 NA NA
8 IBMER Biotechnology Dr. Gajendra Singh Garima Sharma Full time 20111103 1/18/2012 Proteome Analysis of Goat Milk and Identification of Bioactive Peptides for Health Application 2017 NA NA
9 IBMER Biotechnology Dr. Nishi Sharma Priyanka Kumari Part Time 20111107 1/18/2012 Proteome Analysis of Goat Milk and Identification of Bioactive Peptides for Health Application 2017 NA NA
10 IBMER Biotechnology Dr. Ajay Kumar Gupta Rakshya Thapa Full time 20141714 7/14/2014 A Study of Conservation of Mammals Under the Influence of Local Community and Tourists in Chitwan National  Park of Nepal Submitted NA NA
11 IBMER Biotechnology Dr. Gaurav Chaudhary Shipra Shukla Full Time 20111106 1/18/2012 Phytochemical studies of selected medicinal  plants for their biological activity 2017 Yes, till on 30th Nov 2016 CSIR
12 IBMER Biotechnology Dr. Alok Jha Soni Singh Full Time 2007UBT106 2/16/2017 In-silico characterization of 5-HT2A receptor involved in Schizophrenia and its potential as therapeutic target 2020 Rs. 15000/- None
13 IBMER Biotechnology Dr. Rajesh Pandey Sukrit Srivastava Full time 20151253 4/5/2016 Immunoinformatics based screening and characterization of potential epitopes for SARS and MERS Coronaviruses 2019 NA NA
14 IBMER Biotechnology Prof. Abdul Wadood Siddiqui Talever Singh Part Time 20161201 12/23/2016 Role of Advanced Glycation End Product (AGE) Inhibitor in Conjunction with an Antioxidant in Diabetic Complications 2019 NA NA
15 IET Chemistry Dr. Manisha Sharma Manish Gautam Part Time 2011PET001 7/31/2013 Characterization and Comprehensive Studies on Pharmaceutically Important Nitrogen Containing Fused Heterocyclic Compounds 2017 NA NA
16 IER Education Prof. K.P. Pandey Deepshikha Saxena Part Time 2010PER001 1/5/2011 A Study of Class Climate in the Secondary Schools of U.P. in Relation to Gender, Pattern of Finaning and Rural/Urban Setting 2017 NA NA
17 IER Education Dr. Dinesh Pandey Gopal Singh Full Time 20141723 7/28/2015 A Study on Attitude of Secondary School Teachers towards Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation in Agra Division 2018 NA NA
18 IER Education Prof. K.P. Pandey Mridula Singh Part Time 2010PER003 3/12/2011 A Study of the Effectiveness of Self Instructional Packages of Co-operative Learning in terms of creative Behavior and Attitude toward learning of Students of Secondary Schools of U.P. Submitted NA NA
19 IER Education Dr. D.K. Giri Ritesh Kumar Mishra Part Time 2010PER005 3/12/2011 A Study of Factors Associates  With the ChoiceofV arious Professional Courses of First Degree Level Students 2017 NA NA
20 IBM IBM Dr. Shailendra Singh Abhishek Kaushik Part Time 2010PBM006 4/8/2011 ” A study of effectiveness of e-Tailing and e-tailing websites in selected cities of western U.P” 2017 NA NA
21 IBM IBM Dr. Sidharth Jain Anubhav Sony Full Time 20141717 6/1/2015 Effects of HR Practices on the retention of Teachers in the private schools of Agra 2018 Yes Mangalyatan University (Teaching Assistant)
22 IBM IBM Dr. Abay Kumar Cdr. Manjeet Singh Part Time 20141724 9/1/2015 Impact of Work Life Balance (WLB) on Job Satisfaction among Teachers in Private Universities of Uttar Prades 2018 NA NA
23 IBM IBM Dr. Rinku Raghuvanshi Jun Krishna Joshi Full Time 20141715 10/18/2014 Impact of social media advertising on Education Performance of youth in Kathmandu valley (Nepal) 2017 NA NA
24 IBM IBM Dr. Ankur Kumar Agarwal Md. Arsalan Ahmad Full Time 20141720 5/11/2015 A Study Of Working Capital Management Efficiency And Its Impact On Profitability Of Car Industry In India 2018 Yes Mangalyatan University (Teaching Assistant)
25 IBM IBM Dr. Sidharth Jain Neha Agrawal Full Time 20121003 6/1/2015 A Comparative Study on Impact of Foreign Direct Investment of Car Manufacturing Companies in India 2018 NA NA
26 IBM IBM Dr. Saurabh Kumar Pavitra Rajput Part Time 2010PBM011 4/8/2011 “Changing dimensions of corporate social responsibility-A study of selected private and public banks” 2017 NA NA
27 IBM IBM Dr. Jyoti Agrawal Ram Lakhan Kushwaha Part Time 20111117 3/6/2013 An Analytical Study f Financial Inclusion with Special Reference to Allahabad UP Gramin Bank 2017 NA NA
28 IBM IBM Dr. Shailendra Singh Ranu Chaubey Part Time 2010PBM005 4/8/2011 An analytical study of factors causing stress and their coping strategies on management teachers at Mangalayatan University, Beswan, Aligarh Submitted NA NA
29 IBM IBM Dr.Sandeep Shandilya Swati Jain Part time 20161140 12/23/2016 A Critical Appraisal of Labour Absenteeism Problem( A Study Conducted at Aligarh Lock Industry) 2019 NA NA
30 IBM IBM Dr. Saurabh Kumar Unnati Jadaun Full Time 20121036 5/11/2015 A Comparative study of HRM practices adopted in public and private sector banks of District Aligarh. 2018 Yes UGC(JRF)
31 IBM IBM Dr. Rajeev Sharma Vipin Kumar Part Time 20141718 5/11/2015 Impact of consumer attributes on their buying behavior towards online shopping with special reference to Agra, Uttar Pradesh. 2018 NA NA
32 IBM IBM Dr.Sandeep Shandilya Yogyata Singh Part Time 20141722 5/12/2015 Impact Of Dividend Policy On Share Price Volitility With Reference To Power Sector In India 2018 NA NA
33 IAS Mathematics Dr. Vijay Kumar Amit Bhatnagar Part Time 20161183 2/16/2017 A Mathematical Analysis of Blood Flow through Arteries under Stenotic Conditions with Special Reference to Atherosclerosis 2020 NA NA
34 IAS Mathematics Dr. Gajendra  Kumar Sarasawat Amit Gupta Part Time 20161105 12/23/2016 Compuataional techniques for mathematical model of blood flow problems in arteries with their solutions 2019 NA NA
35 IAS Mathematics Dr. Gajendra  Kumar Sarasawat Prabhat Bansal Part Time 20161202 12/23/2016 An Advanced study of Multifrious Queueing Models with Reference to Markovian  Assumptions 2019 NA NA
36 DVPA Music Dr. Shobha Rani Kodesia Devashish Ganguly Part Time 2010PVP003 10/31/2011 Hkkjrh; laxhr esa e/;dkyhu jkxk/kkfjr Lo:i fp=.kksa dh HkokfHkO;atuk&,d fo’ys”k.kkRed v/;;u 2017 NA NA
37 DVPA Painting Dr. Shivendra Singh Shruti Singh Full Time 2010PVP005 11/18/2011 Hkkjrh; lkekftd thou ‘kSyh ij foKkiu dyk dk izHkko 20oha ‘krkCnh dk mRrjk/kZ  v/;;u Submitted NA NA
38 DVPA Performing Arts Dr. Yogendra Choubey Rajesh Kumar Saini Part Time 2010PVP002 31-10-2011 Hkkjrh; ukV~; dyk dh laxhre; yksd ukV~; ‘kSyh Hkxr ,d losZ{k.kkRed v/;;u 2017 NA NA
39 IBMER Pharmacy Prof. Abdul Wadood Siddiqui Afrin Salma Full Time 20161112 12/23/2016 In-Silico Molecular Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Decaprenyl Phosphoryl-β-D-Ribose-2′- Epimerase (DprE1) Inhibitors 2019 NA NA
40 IBMER Pharmacy Dr. Alankar Srivastava Atul Kumar Singh Full Time 20141721 5/12/2015 Development of Chronotherapeutic Formulation for a Chronic Disease by Pulsatile Drug Delivery System 2018 NA NA
41 IBMER Pharmacy Prof. Abdul Wadood Siddiqui Gaurav Garg Part Time 2010PBR002 2/22/2011 Design and Synthesis of Novel Pyrimidines Possessing Various Functionalities at C-2, C-4 and C-5 Positions as Potential New Classes of Anti-Tuberculosis Agents Submitted NA NA
42 IBMER Pharmacy Prof. Abdul Wadood Siddiqui Ram Babu Tripathi Part Time 2010PBR003 2/22/2011 Understanding Allosteric Modulation of PPARϒ Receptors by Comparative QSAR and Molecular Docking Analysis Submitted NA NA
43 IBMER Pharmacy Prof. Abdul Wadood Siddiqui Sourabh Jain Part Time 2017MPC009 2/16/2017 Computer Aided Modulation, Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of Novel Dipeptidyl Peptidase-IV (DDP-IV) Inhibitors for the Management of Type-II Diabetes 2020 NA NA
44 IBMER Pharmacy Dr. Lalit Kumar Tyagi Teena Sharma Full Time 20141719 5/12/2015 Nanocarrier Based Drug Delivery System for Enhansing Bioavailability of Poorly Water Soluble Drug 2018 NA NA
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